Best-in-class Guided Selling Platform for Consumer Goods

Empower your field reps with insights and recommendations to sell more and sell fast.

Actionable Insights that drive-up sales

Ivy Recommender complements our field force automation solution to provide your sales team with simple and easy-to-comprehend recommendations to drive-up same store sales. The solution is powered by AI/ML, and supports your field force with guided selling for greater consumer engagement.

Actionable suggestions on next-best SKU to sell to a customer

Optimally stock your products at each store and reduce out-of-stocks

Predicted order quantity by customer based on past sales

Sell products in demand and outdo your competition

Easy integration with all our solutions

AI/ML based Recommendations

  • Get recommendations based on a customer's purchase behavior
  • Next-best SKU to sell, Predicted Order Quantity and more
  • Extract commonalities and patterns from past data using multiple parameters
  • Analyzes monthly data as well as everyday metrics to generate insights
  • Helps sales reps make informed choices on the field

Upsell and Fit-sell

  • Provide recommendations based on parameters like location, climate or peer store parameters
  • Increases lines per call (LPC) thereby increasing sales value
  • Get product recommendations based on fast moving promotions
  • Insights based on consumer behavior and reaction to different products

Accurate Results

  • Precision and recall of our recommendation engine is the best in industry
  • Evaluation criteria within the solution is based on category level parameters
  • Machine Learning algorithm constantly learning to improve accuracy of results

Underlying Recommendation Parameters

  • Relationship between product type and its sales
  • Store segmentation, visit patterns and store order data for a deeper market understanding
  • Transactional data segmentation for purchase behavioral analysis data to help obtain accurate insights
  • Keeping data outliers out of the analysis to generate results with high accuracy

Impact of Promotions

  • Run, monitor and analyze discounts to identify successful models and generate insights
  • Identify promotions that resonates with customers and tweak purchase behavior
  • Get recommendations on custom prices for different customers
  • Build tailored promotions and pricing to meet different customer segments effectively


Yes Absolutely! However, when integrated with other solutions of Ivy, the integration is seamless and real-time.

Pricing depends upon the market & volumes of users using the solution. We will reach out to you to understand more and work it out.

We can take the solution to live for your field force typically within 5-6 weeks, including the time required for data mapping, data analysis, segmentation & system training. Ivy Recommender is designed to constantly learn & improve accuracy.

Absolutely! We have our recommendations that can use parameters from external data from sources like open surveys, media, and demographic data providers.

Our recommendation engine is cloud agnostic. We would be able to run on the choice/use of your cloud provider.

We use about 40+ parameters that are generated during the engine run. It selects the most suitable parameters from the same dynamically by validating the same statistically. Some of the most notable parameters are Recency, Frequency, Order Gap, Assortment, promotional data, seasonality & other external factors and yes it is configurable as per your business scenario.
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