Ivy Eye

Image Recognition Technology for Retail Execution

With high-speed processing capability and best-in-class accuracy, analyze store images in real-time.

Automate Store Checks for a Perfect Store Execution

Our native image recognition solution, Ivy Eye, helps merchandisers capture images of shelves to analyze them and calculate KPIs in real-time for faster decision-making. With 97% accuracy and an image processing time of less than 3 min, your team delivers a perfect store execution.

Avoid manual data entry and calculate KPIs in real-time

Maximize your product visibility and augment sales

Minimize out-of-stocks and track availability

Planogram compliance and POSM tracking

Track prices of SKUs and spot variance

Automate In-store Activities

  • Take photos of the shelves & automatically measure KPIs
  • Guided photo capture with angle and light intensity correction
  • Compare with perfect store KPIs and get actionable insights
  • Merchandisers complete tasks faster for better coverage

Intelligence that Impacts the Shelf

  • Calculate and track on-shelf metrics in real-time such as Share of Shelf, Availability, Share of Assortment, and Share of Display
  • Real-time alerts allow your team to get guidance
  • Take actions on compliance, pricing, and availability

Compliance Monitoring

  • Automatically scan the price of every SKU in the store and spot variance between actual vs. list price
  • Monitor promotional compliance and track POSMs store-wise for appropriate payouts
  • Easily compare the real planogram vs. the optimum planogram to gauge adherence

Faster Results

  • 97% Accuracy of Image Recognition Model and less than 3 min of image processing time
  • 35% of time savings versus manual data collection
  • Increased visibility and granular-level data tracking

Self-learning ML model

  • Images processed with our proprietary recognition engine and KPI’s are auto-calculated
  • Machine Learning model is set up for self-learning and auto correction
  • Results are pushed to the mobile app and backend portal within a few minutes

For All Shelf Conditions

  • Ivy Eye can easily distinguishing similar SKU’s from each other
  • Easily read small price tags using our advanced image recognition capability
  • Analyze image captured at any angle accurately
  • Handles low lighting shelf conditions

Enhanced Retail Execution

  • Ivy Eye is built-into our retail execution application, providing a unified experience
  • The solution pushes its results and actionable insights directly to the mobile app as well as back office
  • Enhanced capabilities to stay ahead of the competition
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