Dynamic Route Optimization

Efficient Delivery Routes for Improved Bottomline

AI-powered route planning optimization to generate the fastest and most cost-effective routes

End-to-End Delivery and Beat Route Optimization Solution

Our Dynamic Route Optimization, powered by AI/ML, quickly generates the best routes tailored to your service requirements, order history, and vehicle constraints, ensuring maximum operational efficiency. By effortlessly integrating with your Distribution Management Solution, the solution guarantees efficient operation and optimal results with minimal input data for training.

Instantly allocate and generate routes for thousands of orders to vans or sales reps

Tracks real-time traffic to provide optimized routes that save time and resources

Minimize idle time and eliminate detours to reduce operational costs

Maximize vehicle usage to save on fuel, maintenance, and labor expenses

Embrace sustainability in your route planning for reduced carbon emissions

Limitless Route Optimization for Daily Orders

  • No more limitations on optimizations based on order count
  • Maintain consistent optimization efficiency, whether handling 500 or 5000 orders
  • Combine trips from numerous vans into efficient routes, conserving fuel and resources

Perfect Sequencing with Geo-Clustering

  • Utilize built-in AI-based algorithms for improved efficiency
  • Perfectly cluster retail stores through geo-clustering technology for faster delivery and improved customer experience
  • Enhance and optimize delivery operations to reduce delivery costs and costs

Customize the Solution for Your Business Needs

  • Specify critical parameters such as distance, stops, van load, and city traffic to optimize delivery
  • Empower stakeholders with access to van and resource data, allowing for real-time parameter adjustments based on evolving requirements
  • Customize every element of the solution to align with unique business needs

Centralized Command Centre

  • Track real-time positioning of delivery vans across live routes
  • Analyze every aspect of the business by tracking KPIs on a configurable dashboard
  • Automatic allocation can be complemented with manual allocation for stores that don’t fall within specified categories

Enhance Resource Planning

  • Employ resources strategically to minimize wastage and enhance efficiency
  • Decrease operational expenses, thereby positively impacting the bottom line
  • Optimize resource productivity to its fullest potential


Ivy Mobility provides a customizable Dynamic Route optimization solution that leverages clusters built on 12+ constraints developed by AI/ML algorithms to help optimize routes.

Ivy Mobility's Dynamic Route Optimization solution calculates the time taken based on the average time to complete an order unloading and the time to travel between the two consecutive stores.

These stores fall into the unscheduled list, and office assistants can ensure that these stores are manually added to a delivery route.
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