Direct Store Delivery

Accelerate Order-to-Cash

Transform the way your field reps work with our all-in-one Sales Force Automation app.

Enable your Field Reps to Exceed Targets Everyday

Our DSD solution for iOS and Android devices offers a powerful yet user-friendly interface. With real-time updates and built-in intelligence, your field reps sell faster and outperform goals.

Get products on the shelves faster and reduce out-of-stock

Manage distribution operationscost-effectively

Online, offline, and disconnected modes via local data store on every device

Easy integration with your back-office systems

Access salient customer information anywhere

360-Degree View of Customers

  • View current and past orders, items ordered, invoices and payments
  • Track collections and sales returns by customers
  • A single view of supply and demand across all channels
  • Allows field reps to make informed decisions
  • Log time spent on every customer, Next-Best SKU to sell, and more

Faster Ordering

  • Built-in digital ordering screen for effortless order taking
  • E-catalogs, barcode scans for a great ordering experience
  • Duplicate past orders for quick reordering
  • Generate barcode labels for deliveries
  • Reps can call retailers to take orders with the built-in dialer

Visit Planning

  • Give your field force a visual display of the day
  • Activity planning and guided visits via Google Map integration
  • Apply rules and business logicto create and manage routes
  • Set up business rules to prioritize customers


  • Reps can take orders directly from e-catalogs
  • Optimized for web, mobile, offline, and online experience
  • Branded e-catalogs to better represent your products and promotions to buyers
  • Make all sales assets and videos available to your reps on their finger tips

Promotions & Discounts

  • Run and monitor discounts and promotions seamlessly
  • Provide custom prices per customer
  • Tailor catalogs and pricing of various SKUs as per the promotions and discounts in the market

Van Sales

  • Manage van sales on the move with reduced out-of-stock
  • Intelligent van load recommendations based on past sales history on a route
  • Easily manage routes, track van locations and do on-spot billing
  • Real-time inventory status with returns and damages traceability
  • Electronic Invoicing Capability

Digital Payments

  • Reps can easily collect payment from the field
  • Ivy Pay, our native payment platform support all monetary transactions
  • Existing integration with all popular payment gateways, including PayU, RazorPay, and more regional payment gateways

Last-mile Deliveries

  • Make deliveries efficient with our cloud solution
  • Manage routes and track deliveries through GPS coordinates
  • Track information like time stamps and location for every delivery
  • Go that extra mile and better serve your customers

Smart On the Go

  • Drive-up same-store sales with in-built intelligence
  • Reps get recommendations like next-best SKU, suggested order quantity, assortment refresh, and more by customer
  • Powered by AI and ML

Wireless DEX Connectivity

  • Directly enter invoice information into your backend system
  • Process large orders is just a matter of seconds with DEX EDI
  • Simple and cost-effective solution for large retailers
  • Reduces errors and saves time spent on receiving


Some of the questions we hear, we have tried to answer here. If you have some more questions,
please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

Your reps can easily download and use our solution on any smartphone device. However, we recommend device configuration for a seamless experience after understanding your business requirements, storage, and other parameters.

You control who sees and does what in the system. Easily set up access for sales reps, independent route sales, key account managers, and warehouse users in the solution. Using home office and field force portals, you can configure processes and business rules to have visibility to all the information going on in the field. You can also maintain all master data for outlets, products, SKUs, and more.

You can access our platform from anywhere on any device. If there is no network coverage on the device, your reps can still check task lists, complete orders, and sync everything to the system once they are back online.
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