Dive Up Same-Store Sales with Ivy Recommender

Free eBook - Drive up Same Store Sales with Ivy Recommender

Ensuring that field agents have a reliable fall back mechanism to boost sales is highly relieving. Post the pandemic customer loyalty and the arrival of newer business models have caused a fall in sales of consumer packaged goods drastically.


The only way forward is to understand customer sentiments and convert that data into actionable insights to push sales. However, as a CPG company, using customer behavior to build recommendations to boost sales is way out of your league.


Connecting customer behavior to actionable insights needs to be developed with extensive research and needs technology like AI & ML to build a system based on feedback. This is why you need to partner with a tech solution capable of offering you a custom solution that offers actionable insights and recommendations delivered right on their mobile screens.


In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • What frequently pains the field force agents when it comes to pushing SKUs off the shelf?
  • How effective are insights and recommendations while convincing store managers to purchase certain SKUs?
  • Understand how our solution generates recommendations using AI & ML Algorithms.

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