Route Accounting System

Drive Operational Efficiency with our Cloud Solution for Sales and Accounting

Bring sales orders, inventory management, financial accounting, route planning, and delivery operations on one single solution.

Streamline Distribution Processes, Optimize Routes and Increase Visibility for your Business

With our Route Accounting System, you can accomplish order to selling and stock check to inventory maintenance- all on one solution. You can implement route planning to route optimization, alongside forecasting and promotions seamlessly from our solution.

Automate and monitor distribution cycles, from product manufacture to shelving

Manage route planning across multiple cities, currencies, and languages

Reduce overheads with stock management and warehouse planning

Set KPIs and view progress for your different teams

Customizable purchase orders, invoice slips, credit notes to meet your business requirements

Route Management

  • Complete transparency across all sales channels, hierarchical levels, and access to real-time inventory data
  • Manage distributors, sub-distributors, retailers, merchandizers, van-sellers, and pre-sellers simultaneously
  • Streamline processing from order management to claims and returns management

Route Planning

  • Group retailer information and run algorithms for route planning
  • Multiple routes can be merged or separated to achieve more productivity and to optimize results
  • Plan visits based on parameters like store requirements, frequency of ordering, stock availability, lines-per-call, and order values

Accounting and Taxes

  • Manage all your accounting needs right from our system
  • Customize tax management and product-specific tax requirements for your business
  • Manage credit limits, track payments, plan budgeting, incentive management, refunds, and returns, all from the same product

Single Source of Data

  • One unified database of all business transactions- single source of truth for making informed decisions
  • Easily access to information across every level
  • Integrate your data with analytics tools like Ivy Insights to slice and dice data and generate actionable insights

Operations Management

  • Manage every aspect of operations: credit limits, stock overload limits, trigger alerts for overdue and near expiry dates
  • Define stock reversal and reconciliation criteria based on your business activities
  • Setup multi-hierarchical approval system for workflows critical to decision making in business

Channel Performance

  • Create separate channels for sales or choose omnichannel to understand sales performances over time
  • Visibility into distributor activities and performance helps to forecast and predict future sales
  • Run channel-specific promotions and discounts to help boost sales

Offers and Promotions

  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets and now maintain and manage promotions data from with our cloud solution
  • Run promotional campaigns, track KPIs, and improve sales
  • Choose to run selective campaigns for your distributors by sorting them based on several parameters ranging like sales volume, ordering frequency and more
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