Participate in discussions and engage with industry leaders to discuss AI/ML powered algorithms to boost same store sales. Our webinars will help you gauge and understand the nuances of our industry with real-time demos.

Infusing Consumer Goods Route to Market with Data Analytics

A cloud-based analytics solution for CPG that delivers actionable intelligence in real-time to keep data at the centre of your RTM business strategy.
Date: 25 April 2023

Powering DSD Distribution Operations with Ivy Van Sales Software

Maximize your sales potential with intelligent load recommendations of Van Sales Software. Track inventory, monitor van location, do on-the-spot billing and more.
Date: 16 February 2023

Retail Execution with Ivy Eye for Improved Profitability

Ivy Eye helps automate in-store execution, simplify merchandising activities, avoid out-of-stock, improve field force productivity, and increase same-store sales.
Date: 09 November 2022

Supply Chain 4.0 & Distribution Management on Cloud for Consumer Goods

The distribution management systems enable CPGs with forecasts to predict sales and shipping to reduce out-of-stock, achieve faster deliveries, and improve visibility
Date: 27 September 2022

Dive Up Same-Store Sales with Ivy Recommender

Boosting same-store sales is now easy with our smart AL/ML recommender that provides prescriptions beneath each product based on product types.
Date: 19 July 2022

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