Enhancing Product Distribution Strategies in Asian Markets for a Prominent US-based CPG Firm

A multinational American corporation focused on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods has collaborated with Ivy Mobility to enhance its distribution networks in four Asian markets, encompassing the General Trade (GT) and Rural Trade (RT) sectors.

This prominent worldwide Consumer goods corporation partnered with Ivy Mobility to manage critical key performance indicators (KPIs), oversee distribution, and improve sales rep performance throughout an extensive network of distributor sites. With a presence extending across more than 1,200 distributors, approximately 3,500 sales representatives, over 500 supervisors, and a network of over 800,000 retail outlets across four distinct Asian markets, they needed assistance in consistently verifying sales data for rural and general trade channels.

Seamless Integration and Sales Force Empowerment

Ivy Mobility established integration with the company’s distribution ERP system using an API-based interface to enable seamless data flow into the Sales Force Automation application. This integration, combined with comprehensive information about salespersons and distributors, facilitated digital management of secondary sales orders and real-time tracking of manufacturer inventory.

Additionally, the company needed a tailored supervisor app to efficiently monitor and oversee sales force agents operating in diverse markets. These apps were designed with the rural trade sales reps in mind, resulting in intuitive and highly user-friendly applications.

Features for Improved Sales

With features such as Catalog Ordering, Stock Management, and Promotion Management from Ivy Mobility’s Route to Market solution, their sales efforts increased by many folds. Furthermore, the company implemented additional functionalities like POSM (Point of Sale Materials) Management, enabling the validation of POSMs across multiple locations, and integrated a Returns Management Module to streamline and simplify the returns process.

Insight Generation with Reporting and Analytics

The organization’s primary need was an advanced dashboard that offered a comprehensive overview of distribution operations and sales team performance. Ivy Mobility’s advanced reporting capabilities empowered stakeholders to make well-informed decisions to enhance the company’s performance.

Since the data originates from Ivy, we were able to implement advanced filters like Next Best and Must Sell SKUs. These filters were developed using data-driven insights, and access to this information enabled sales reps to promote the most appropriate SKUs at every opportunity.

Additionally, these filters provided valuable insights and recommendations, simplifying decision-making and substantiating choices with data for stakeholders. Real-time visibility into field data ensures the visibility of sub-distributors retail outlets and their tasks and performance.

Integration with Tableau BI

In CPG secondary sales, Business Intelligence is the key to success and has been a highly desirable feature of any Route to Market solution. Ivy Mobility and its Tableau BI integration enabled the company to harness the power of advanced analytics within the dashboard for informed decision-making. Having data readily available in a centralized repository has facilitated scalability through functions such as forecasting and sales predictions.

This leading international CPG company successfully realized a significant increase in sales, achieving a substantial growth rate with Ivy Mobility. They were able to improve transparency and accountability at various levels of their organizational hierarchy. The custom-designed supervisor app played a pivotal role in monitoring the daily performance of sales reps, contributing to these positive outcomes.

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