Leading Agriculture Company Partners with Ivy Mobility for Improved Data Reliability in Sales and Distribution Operations

A leading global agriculture company with over 30 Billion in revenue and a presence in over 100 countries strives to build a carbon-neutral business and keep sustainability at the center of the business strategy. The company is on a mission to eliminate the carbon footprint from its product operations by 50% by 2030. The agriculture giant is working with organizations across the globe to enhance the soil quality across its farmland to restore degenerated soil in one million hectares of pastureland by 2025.

The company was looking to identify areas of reformation to help the brand align with its values. As this work is closely associated with farmers, data handling was nearly impossible, considering the lack of digitization in agriculture. The company started working with Ivy Mobility in 2017 to digitize its sales and distribution operations.

Challenges of Digitizing Agriculture Distribution

Digital transformation for this agriculture giant was more challenging than usual, as the end users were not tech-savvy. Hence, the company needed a system with a simplified user experience.

With the growing scale of the organization, real-time visibility was the need of the hour, and the stakeholders needed visibility with inventory stock availability, secondary sales tracking, and on-sales returns accepted by the sales reps. With data gaps and insufficient data points, manual report generation in the company was unreliable. It also affected the decision-making of the business stakeholders. Despite paying third-party companies to integrate with distributors for data handling, there were significant discrepancies.

Another critical challenge to overcome was the timeline associated with approvals. With multiple stakeholders in sales and distribution workflows and each taking time to approve, the overall agility and transparency of the business were affected.

Ivy Cloud Distribution Management System for Single Source of Truth

No. of Users: 190+
Average Invoices/ Month: 3000+
Markets: 3+

Ivy Mobility Cloud Distribution Management System (DMS) was implemented for the agriculture giant in the year 2017 to serve as a Secondary sales Distribution Centre ERP System for monitoring and controlling the distribution network efficiently,

With unique distribution operations, the company needed custom user roles defined for the DMS, such as Commercial Area Head and Techno Commercial Lead, on top of the standard users having role-based access.

Ivy Mobility DMS has 190+ users with 750+ Invoices raised weekly across 3 Markets (Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand) for the company.

  • We built custom reports for the agriculture company to analyze Order/Fulfillment using various configurable parameters in the system.
  • Ivy DMS was integrated with external systems using Ivy Data Connect for transferring invoices and other data points.
  • Custom alerts configured on the homepage displayed the number of ship-to invoices created and purchase orders submitted by dealers.
  • GRN data from the company ERP automatically synced into Ivy DMS through web APIs.
  • With Ivy DMS, sales return management is hassle-free with traceable sales returns.
  • The Stock Transfer Management module on Ivy DMS helped manage the transfer between warehouses and stores within warehouses.
  • We build custom reports and dashboards, including 13 critical reports fundamental to the company’s operations.


Our solution improved the visibility of sales returns, sales stock summaries, and SKU data based on availability at every level across the supply chain, enabling the organization to plan offers and schemes for boosting sales. Accessing data from every possible direction helped the company have a 360-degree view of its sales strategies.

We have been working with this agriculture giant for 5+ years in the APAC region. The most used features of our solution include Sales Order Management, Inventory Management, and Customer Management. We hope to enable the agriculture company to achieve sustainability and business profitability goals.

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