Elizabeth Vargas Garcia:

The All-Rounder

Human resource management is one of the most challenging roles since it requires one to be immensely responsible and dedicated to the organization. It got even tougher when the pandemic hit, and we started operating virtually. Elizabeth Vargas Garcia, HR Manager at Ivy Mobility, joined us at the onset of the pandemic and took up the responsibility of human resources in Latin America, North America, and Europe.

Elizabeth is an all-rounder and effortlessly streamlines recruitment and other HR activities while wearing multiple hats. Her DNA is of an entrepreneur, and she is known for getting things done. In a short period, Elizabeth has demonstrated growth, grit, and determination in the organization. She onboarded over 40 employees last year in Latin America alone, helping us augment development, presales, customer success, and solution architect teams.

Elizabeth brings to the table 8+ years of experience in recruitment and HR. She has worked for companies like Huawei, General Electric, Diebold Nixdorf, etc., and brought process management and standardized practices to a global workforce to help us scale. On the other hand, the work culture at Ivy has helped her become a better decision-maker. She is now more confident while making calls when the business needs it.

As a growing company, Ivy comes with a new daily challenge, which excites Elizabeth the most. Strategizing has been her strongest forte, and she has been handling and supporting HR functions her entire career. Stepping out of her comfort zone helped her master areas of operations like admin and IT. Handling operations and recruitment across Europe and USA help her gain global exposure. Her biggest aspiration is to visit Ivy India to help her understand the hiring landscape in the Indian job market.

Her number one priority is the success of the company, and she feels teamwork that yields the biggest of victories. She hopes to hire dedicated and persistent employees who would be essential in building the future. Elizabeth is gleaming when she talks about the future, and her only advice to new joiners at Ivy is, “Focus on becoming self-learners and self-starters, and rest everything will fall in place.”

Being an ambitious woman, a passionate cook, and a great baker, Elizabeth loves the remote work culture at Ivy. She feels Ivy offers her the best of both worlds from the comfort of her home, and she is getting global exposure from Mexico. When she is not working, she enjoys replicating her grandmother’s recipes on rainy days. The freedom to work from anywhere and the flexibility to manage a family and work effectively helped her strike the perfect work-life balance.

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