Embrace the Change.
Retailer Self-service Order.

Take your brand directly to the retailers, and give them a next-generation online ordering experience with your products.

Be at the Forefront of Digital Transformation

Our Marketplace offers retailers the ability to place orders for products directly from you or your distributors and eliminates the need for sellers to collect orders. Our solution brings retailers, manufacturers, and distributors on one platform, taking brands' Direct-to-Consumer faster and more efficiently.

Get that extra revenue with an additional channel of distribution

B2C ordering experience for retailers

Reduce out-of-stock and opportunity losses

No need to develop and maintain your own Direct-to-Consumer platform

Integration with Distribution Management Systems

Online Ordering System

  • Allow retailers to place orders directly from your distributors
  • Ability to choose a convenient date and time for delivery of goods
  • Eliminate heavy reliance on sellers for sales and revenues
  • Business continuity in the time of the pandemic

Retailer Performance

  • Ability to track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by retailers
  • Analyze and predict future sales based on past ordering patterns
  • Align your sales strategy to improve KPIs by retailers and drive up same-store sales
  • Empower retailers to make informed decisions on their purchase patterns

Flexible Deliveries

  • Extend the B2C delivery experience to your retailers with standard and express delivery options on our solution
  • Retailers choose the date and time of delivery as per their convenience with express delivery options
  • Extend same-day delivery option as well depending on your business norms

Digital Marketing

  • Send all your digital content like advertisements, posters, videos to retailers via push notifications from our solution
  • Keep your retailers up to date about your latest product launches, promotions, and more without having to depend on sellers
  • Measure engagement with your digital content on our marketplace

Promotions & Discounts

  • Retailers can see all freebies, discounts, and promotions from distributors on our marketplace solution
  • Easy tracking of the start and end of promotions, eligibility, and availability of promotions and discounts for their location
  • Retailers can also view eligible rewards accumulated for their purchases

Easy Payments

  • Complete checkout by using Ivy Pay, our native payment platform
  • In addition to Ivy Pay, we support all third-party payment gateways for safe, secure, and hassle-free payments

Smartly Curated Orders

  • Retailers get SKU recommendations based on their past purchases
  • Suggestions on Next-best SKU, order quantity, and others makes ordering a much easier task
  • Recommendation engine powered by AI and ML

Manufacturer Marketplace

  • No other online presence? We take care of that with our manufacturer-specific marketplaces
  • Shopping is as easy as it is from any e-commerce marketplace
  • List your products on our marketplace and let retailers add them to cart and checkout with easy steps


  • Convert defined KPIs into points for retailers and promote competition for better sales, retailer engagement, and marketing
  • Built-in dashboard showing the real-time progress of retail stores
  • Add great incentives and benefits for retail stores for increased participation
  • Custom gamification includes scratch cards for every level completion, surprise gift activation, etc.

Self-Managed Stores

  • Retailers can now manage their stores by ordering all their product needs from our solution without having to wait for your field reps
  • Keep retailers up-to-date on all promotions, product launches, and free products from our marketplace solution
  • Retailers can select a delivery slot at their convenience
  • Instant and easy-to-track digital payments from the solution
  • Retailers can track claims, reimbursements, and returns as well
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