Ivy on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Industry Cloud for Consumer Goods Companies Built on the AWS Platform

Ivy on AWS empowers consumer goods companies across the globe to digitally transform their businesses with an intelligent route-to-market solution with enhanced scalability and customizability. AWS cloud solution enhances the power of Ivy and helps increase productivity and reduce overall costing.

Why Choose Ivy on AWS?

Right Cloud Partner

Manage your consumer goods business without having to worry about infrastructure costs increasing with scale. Easy do data migration and avail support every step of the way during implementation. Easy access to implementation experts with skills and experience.

Perfect Pricing

AWS is the most cost-effective cloud solution available in the market. With access to the AWS Marketplace, you can find, buy, and use the software and services that run on AWS, are endorsed by AWS, and integrate seamlessly with tools and environment.

Unified System

Achieve data from across our unified platform. Digitize secondary sales end-to-end and maximize profits. Ivy on AWS provides you with a comprehensive data model, industry best practices, easy configurations, and the most affordable customizability.

Faster Implementation

Our end-to-end AWS solution will get you up and running faster than ever with world-class infrastructure, security, and up-time. Easy configuration and data stability over AWS Servers will give your business the agility and security it needs.

Data Protection

Your data is safe with us. It’s an Ivy and AWS commitment to our clients. We allow easy integration with multiple systems, allowing seamless data flow across all paths and yet meet your compliance and security standards for a secure business.

Experience Learning

Experience seamless integrations with apps available on AWS Marketplace. Connect easily with any app and improve your learnings from an array of products that blend like one and give you one single source of truth.

Maximize Your AWS Experience

Are you already using AWS? Then, Ivy on AWS helps scale your business, improve sales outcomes, bring faster innovations, greater agility in development by providing a complete route-to-market solution for your consumer goods business.

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