Ivy Command Center

Real-time Distributor View

Instant alerts and actionable insights, empowering businesses to accelerate growth.

Real-Time Performance Tracking Across Operations

Our Command Center offers a unified interface for real-time performance tracking across sales, logistics, finance, and store operations. Distributors and manufacturers can effortlessly monitor sales operations, delivery outcomes, invoice collections, and retailer-level activities.

Effortlessly track seller and retailer performance across coverage and other key metrics

Measure delivery efficiency, track outcomes, and access real-time supply chain insights

Analyze market vitality and finances with real-time invoice tracking

Effortlessly monitor retailer activities and KPIs with Store 360°

Real-Time Insights

  • Boost sales efficiency with real-time performance tracking
  • Maximize seller productivity with customizable KPIs
  • Streamline operations with dynamic seller coverage monitoring
  • Improve decision-making with predictive analytics for seller and retailer performance

Operational Excellence

  • Gain real-time insights into delivery efficiency with detailed van-level information for comprehensive analysis
  • Access vehicles and logistics KPIs including delivery attempts, failures, sales returns, and undelivered goods value
  • Real-time van tracking includes routes, sales, returns, and delivery details
  • Efficiently track delivery reps' KPIs, boost accountability, and streamline logistics

Financial Analysis

  • Financial dashboard to assess market vitality and track key financial metrics effortlessly
  • Monitor collection details during the workday alongside the mode of payment
  • Access collection data on our dashboard to drive strategic decision-making processes
  • Customize collection KPIs within the dashboard for tracking and informed decision-making

Store at Your Fingertips

  • Effortlessly monitor retailer-level activities & KPIs with Store 360∘
  • Gain comprehensive insights into individual store performance with detailed analytics
  • Spotlight on category & margin-level sales trends based on past purchase history
  • Track store visit coverage metrics alongside invoice history

Promotion Effectiveness

  • Leverage insights from past promotions to optimize promotion setup and takedown processes
  • Monitor promotion performance metrics in real-time to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions
  • A comprehensive view of all promotions, enabling real-time promotion management and effectiveness to drive increased conversion rates


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Ivy Command Center empowers users to build tailored reports and dashboards aligned with their unique requirements. Whether you seek to monitor sales performance, analyze customer behaviors, or oversee supply chain metrics, you can design reports necessary for advancing your business.

The Ivy Command Center collects data from diverse channels such as sales transactions, logistics operations, and financial records, then presents this information in a consolidated dashboard. This dashboard undergoes real-time updates, enabling users to track essential metrics and performance indicators.

Ivy Command Center equips businesses with immediate notifications and practical insights, enabling quick, informed decision-making. With real-time performance across different departments, you can enhance operations, boost efficiency, and effectively stimulate growth.

Our platform provides real-time insights to enhance sales efficiency, optimize seller productivity, streamline operations, and enhance decision-making via customizable KPIs and predictive analytics.

Refer to the financial dashboard designed to evaluate market health and effortlessly monitor crucial financial indicators at Ivy Command Center. Users can track collection specifics, conveniently access data via our dashboard, and tailor collection KPIs to facilitate well-informed decision-making.
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