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AI Trends 2023 – Reshaping CPG Operation

Discover the transformative power of AI in the CPG industry. Explore how AI enhances forecasting, automation, personalization, innovation, quality control, and customer service.

Infusing Route-to-Market for CPG with Data Analytics

A cloud agnostic analytics solution for CPG to deliver actionable insights in real-time while keeping data at the centre of your RTM business strategy.

Empower DSD with Van Sales Software

Learn all about van sales software and how it helps CPG companies ace DSD Operations in the market to beat competition. It reduces the time between production to shelf.

Consumer Goods Technology Trends 2023

Increasing inflation continues to impact the prices for all consumer goods of large multinationals and niche brands while affecting stock availability on the shelves.

Image Recognition powered by Ivy Eye for improved profitability

Image Recognition can help automate mundane tasks like planogram compliance, gap analysis, competitor analysis and prompts for out-of-stock SKUs.

Supply Chain 4.0 and Distribution Management Systems

Learn all about Supply Chain 4.0, which will help you understand how to integrate advanced technology like IOT, image recognition, big data analytics and Automation.

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