Fully Integrated Data Analytics Solution on the Cloud for Consumer Goods

Clear, crisp, and actionable intelligence delivered to you in real-time.

Keep Data at the Center of Your RTM outcome Business Strategy.

Our Ivy Insights solution delivers clear, crisp, and actionable intelligence to consumer goods companies by real-time data integration and analysis. Customize the solution for your business or use our pre-built dashboards and reports, specially made for consumer goods companies.

Empower people at all skill levels to make informed decisions

Best-in-class interactive experience

Unmatched performance, scalability, and flexibility

Sophisticated alerts to proactively monitor business and take timely action

Seamlessly integrate across our solutions or any other solutions

Dynamic Dashboards

  • Slice and dice your data on market summary, daily or monthly sales volumes
  • Analyze top SKUs, brand distribution, and more across different markets
  • Easy-to-view parameters, quick filtering options, and dimensional hierarchies


  • With our set of open APIs, Ivy Insights is fully configurable
  • Meet complex reporting requirements of your business
  • Create new visualizations, build reports or integrate with other solutions

Insights Generation using Next-Generational Artificial Intelligence algorithms

  • Receive relevant, plausible, and understandable insights generated by our AI/ ML engine
  • Analyze years of data to predict future trends, identify tactics that work or patterns that emerge
  • Enable your teams to make informed choices

Standard and Custom Reports

  • Use our pre-built reports or have custom reporting created for your business
  • Reports can be published, subscribed or shared easily in various formats
  • Highly flexible design and formatting options to match your branding needs

Complexity based visualizations

  • Simplify the data deluge with our complexity-based visualizations
  • Tier I visualizations hold simple data, and Tier II analyzes historical data
  • Complex and multi-parametric data that depends on several factors belong to the Tier III

Data Access Control

  • Restrict access to data for users to go as deep as at the field level
  • Authorize specific users or groups of users or third parties to access your data
  • Meet the security, privacy, and compliance requirements of your business
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