How to capitalize on in-store promotions and displays

The retail environment has transformed. Consumer goods enterprise solutions for Consumer packaged goods (CPG) retailers supply cloud based technologies to manage digital signage, loss prevention, point-of-sale, and mobile shopper experience. Innovations in shelf space technologies are advancing the way merchandising gets done. High-value CGP industry trend, on-shelf solutions support in-store stock, inventory, pricing, sales, and customer interaction activities. On-shelf solutions also connect to eCommerce conversion at POS, with cloud sharing of key information about products sold, as well as customer details.

On-shelf Cloud Solutions for CGP Retailers

Controlling CPG circulation is a serious challenge for any retailer. Retail technology solutions offer analytics that controls for out of stock rates, as well as inventory loss. With on-shelf solutions, retailers can analyze demand to supply, as well as target the root cause of out-of-stock items using granular data, and iterative customer insights. Two-way communications features to cloud-based infrastructure application as service (IaaS) on-shelf solutions offer networked integration of software application as service (SaaS) tools for devices, digital tags and labels, as well as mobile associated app.

Distribution Management System
Cloud-based Distribution Management System
Retailers faced with inefficiencies and the cost of replacing traditional merchandising equipment, achieve more return on investment (ROI) with retail technology solutions. As CPG companies continue to seek ways to influence customers at critical junctures in the shopping process, differentiation, and accountability of brands and their product lines is critical to maximizing profitability. Consumer goods enterprise solutions like on-shelf SaaS, support total operations management of core retail supply chain processes.

Features such as out-of-stock sensors, smart retail labels (SRLs), temperature controlled tags, targeted lighting, and beacon activated mobile advertising advance retail operations to control inventory levels to ‘zero’ waste. SRLs also boost customer identification with products, and satisfaction with the overall shopping experience. The user experience element of SRLs is an intangible outcome, but one that is creating exceptional results. SRLs support omni-channel retail operations, so that functionality corresponds to an entire range of values, such as pricing accuracy, product availability, and customer mobile device interaction.

The Future is On-shelf

Smart shelf performance is proven to exceed traditional merchandising infrastructure. Integration of multimedia features such as video infomercial intelligence with a brand’s products, adds innate value to the shopping experience. Shopper response to smart shelf conversion is loyalty, say retailers. Purchasing decision is consistent with interactivity, so that smart features draw customers to a shelf. Effective promotion of products associated with a brand’s assets, increases sales, as well as marketing ROI. From conversion to acquisition, smart shelf influence on shopper decision, illustrates the power of on-shelf solutions in optimizing retailer performance.

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