Empowering Presellers For Improved Efficiency and Growth in Direct Store Delivery

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a distribution method where consumer goods companies deliver products directly to retail stores rather than going through a centralized distribution center. A Preseller, in this context, refers to a sales representative who visits retail stores to take orders, promote products, and manage inventory. They serve as a vital connection between CPG enterprises and retailers.

The empowerment of Presellers stands as a paramount priority, as it directly results in amplified efficiency, heightened sales figures, and the cultivation of robust partnerships between CPG enterprises and retailers.

In this article, we will explore the essential attributes of direct store delivery software that can enhance the performance of a preseller in their role.

1. Mobile Ordering and Inventory Management: A mobile application that allows pre-sellers to take orders and manage inventory on the go is essential. This app should have a user-friendly interface, barcode scanning capabilities, and real-time synchronization with the central database. This way, the app enables pre-sellers to place orders anytime and track inventory levels.

2. Route Optimization: The Route Optimization feature in Direct Store Delivery significantly benefits presellers by efficiently planning delivery routes, saving time and costs, improving customer service, adapting to changes, providing data-driven insights, maximizing sales opportunities, and reducing stress. Route optimization feature streamlines the delivery process, allowing pre-sellers to focus on building relationships and increasing sales at retail stores.

3. GPS Tracking: GPS tracking in (DSD) Direct Store Delivery software benefits pre-sellers by ensuring efficient routes, real-time location monitoring, and accurate arrival time estimates. It provides proof of delivery, enhances customer communication, and aids in performance evaluation. This technology minimizes unauthorized stops, improves time management, and contributes to overall delivery process optimization.

4. Real-Time Data Sync: The DSD system must provide immediate synchronization between the device used by the pre-seller and the central database. This capability guarantees that inventory quantities, pricing, promotions, and customer details are consistently current, thereby averting inconsistencies and errors.


5. Offline Sync: As pre-sellers could work in regions with restricted connectivity, the DSD solution must have offline sync capabilities. It will empower presellers to track orders and tasks even during periods of no internet access. Once the connection is restored, the data can be synchronized to the system seamlessly.

6. Product information and promotion: The app must furnish presellers with in-depth product details, encompassing descriptions, visuals, pricing, and ongoing promotional offers. This feature empowers pre-sellers to proficiently convey the product’s worth to retail store proprietors and managers.

Impact of Pre-sellers on the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry

1. Enhanced Market Reach: Presellers extend a manufacturer’s market presence by establishing connections with retailers. They guarantee the availability of products to a broad spectrum of consumers, thereby amplifying the visibility and recognition of the brand within the market.


2. Augmented Customer Interaction: Pre-sellers educate retailers about the products they represent, transforming them into informed advocates for the brand. When retailers possess in-depth knowledge, they can adeptly convey the advantages of the products to consumers, resulting in heightened customer interaction and contentment.

3. Immediate Market Insights: Presellers directly engage with retailers and consumers, enabling them to amass invaluable real-time insights. This data is critical for manufacturers as it aids in refining products and marketing strategies to harmonize more effectively with prevailing market requirements.

4. Smooth Supply Chain Management: Pre-sellers ensure seamless product flow throughout the supply chain. By minimizing stock shortages and optimizing inventory levels, they mutually benefit manufacturers and retailers, ensuring the timely availability of products at different locations.

5. Competitive Edge: Guided by Pre-sellers’ strategic direction, manufacturers can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging market intelligence and comprehending consumer preferences. This understanding empowers them to customize products and marketing endeavors with heightened precision.

Our Direct Store Delivery solution offers a range of features that assist presellers in optimizing their performance. These features contribute to a smoother and more effective pre-selling process. The solution provides pre-sellers with a built-in digital ordering screen that simplifies order-taking. With the inclusion of e-catalogs and barcode scanning capabilities, the ordering experience is greatly improved. The solution enables presellers to take orders directly from e-catalogs, making the ordering process even more efficient. With easy access to a wide range of sales assets and videos at their fingertips can help pre-seller convey the product details easily and convince the retailers.

If your CPG company is looking to enhance or expand its pre-sales capabilities, we recommend getting in touch with our sales team. You can also book a demo to experience firsthand how our solutions can benefit your business in real-time.

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