Ivy Recommender

Drive-up Same-Store Sales by 2%

An AI/ML-based guided sales application to help field forces make data-driven decisions on the go.

Our intelligent Route-to-Market solution is now even smarter! Ivy Recommender sits on top of our solution and provides intelligent recommendations for each store, like must-sell lines, next-best SKU to sell, and more.

  • Get recommendations to increase sales at an outlet
  • Reduce out-of-stock and improve assortment
  • Reps save 50% of time spent on order taking at a store

For Every Vertical in CPG

Our solution takes your master, promotional and transactional data as input and passes the data using 40+ parameters and validations. The engine picks the most appropriate algorithm from a list of algorithms based on the input data. Ivy Recommender, hence, is very different across verticals in consumer goods.

Output Recommendations


Our solution analyses a store’s past purchase history to identify the top-selling SKUs and recommends these Must Sell Lines to the field rep at the time of ordering.

  • Reduces out-of-stock
  • Gets fast-moving assortment for every store
  • Ensures that reps don't miss out on right SKUs at the right stores


By analyzing demographics, coverage, affinity and sales data within a segment of stores, our solution identifies SKUs not purchased by the store but perform well in others.

  • Increase same-store sales with NBS recommendations
  • Increases lines per call(LPC)
  • Field reps achieve their targets easily with increased productivity



Empowers field reps with recommendations to increase sales at an outlet. These recommendations are derived by analyzing a customer's purchase history, market demand, and trends at nearby stores.


Retailers order the right products in optimal quantity to make the best shelf-space utilization and avoid out-of-stock. You never lose revenue as a consequence of stock-out and guarantee recurring sales in the future.


With less time spent on a store, a field rep can cover more customers in a day, allowing you to optimally staff your field force, improve utilization, reduce time-to-serve, and increase customer satisfaction.

Still Not Sure?

  • An HBR study states that Recommenders can be your single-most algorithmic distinction
  • AI & ML used for personalized recommendations can lead to a 1% to 2% increase in sales for retailers
  • Ivy Recommender has the potential to increase sales for retailers by 5%

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