Consumer Wellness Company Builds Automated On-ground Sales Operations with Ivy Mobility

An international consumer wellness company with operations in 20+ countries, five manufacturing units, eight co-packing facilities, and a large field force was seeking a digital transformation for its workforce to work as one.

Searching for a Scalable Solution

The company’s digital transformation was an outcome of its strategic priorities. Their legacy system sufficed until the focus shifted on health, and the company started acquiring brands within the sector to expand its product portfolio. They needed a robust and scalable Route-to-Market solution to manage their growing distribution network with new brands in the portfolio. The company chose Ivy Mobility, an automated solution to bring all processes onto a single platform, provide real-time insights, and boost the efficiency of secondary sales.

A Data-driven Sales Team with Ivy Direct Store Delivery

We implemented our Direct Store Delivery (DSD) for mobile devices to support all day-to-day activities of the field force like order capturing, sales returns, collections, store KPI tracking, competitor tracking, and merchandising activities. Our team forecasted a 15-month implementation period which included a pilot phase and a 4-phased implementation.


Across multiple requirement gathering sessions, we mapped out all of their manual business processes to configure them as automated workflows into our solution. Our team simplified the order-taking process for the field reps and customized reports for better alignment with their business goals. Our team established integration with other third-party applications for seamless data flow, so our solution can provide a single source of data for the business. Our cloud-based infrastructure provided accessibility, affordability, and transparency.
The consumer wellness giant was able to take 2000+ users onto our solution by the end of September 2020. We supported the company with this massive change management initiative by offering in-person and remote training.

More Power with Automation

The consumer wellness multinational has a deep understanding of how technology impacts business objectives. With continuous effort in digital transformation, our partnership with the company has expanded, and we are continuously helping the business with more process automation.

The company processes 1.3 million orders monthly on our solution seamlessly with complete traceability. The business now has better visibility into field activities and can make informed choices. Our solution provides supervisors an added efficiency to track and monitor the performance KPIs for each of the 2000+ field reps. With automation, all approvals take 30% less processing time, helping sales reps save time and effort.
Additionally, the overall time for a store visit has decreased, with our Direct Store Delivery solution allowing the field reps to achieve more store visits every month.

In the future, the company plans to increase our solution’s adoption by adding new enhancements and capabilities for improved engagement and deeper insights.

Collaboration Highlights

Products Used: Ivy Direct Store Delivery built on AWS

No. of Sales Reps: 1,550

Avg. No. of Daily Orders: 57,350

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