Leading American Consumer Goods Company Cleans up Sales and Operations with Ivy Mobility

An American multinational company, present in 70+ countries, specializing in a wide range of personal care, consumer health, and hygiene products, has been using Ivy Mobility’s route-to-market solution since 2010. Our partnership began when the company was undergoing major restructuring in some of its markets. In an increasingly competitive market, the consumer goods giant needed to make every dollar count, and the focus was shifting to profitable brands.

The Beginning

Every great story has a humble beginning, and our story with the consumer goods conglomerate started 11 years back in Nigeria, the first market to go live with our solution. We believe that all great customer experiences have trust at the core, and this partnership is a living and breathing proof of it for us. Since the first go-live, the consumer goods giant has been steadily trusting us with new projects, and now they use our solution in 23+ countries. The length of our relationship speaks a lot, but we think that the customer appreciates our prompt customer support and the customization capability of the solution the most.

Tech Landscape for All Personas

The company uses almost everything within our solutions space across 23 markets, including our Cloud Distribution Management System, Sales Force Automation, Retail Execution, Insights, Marketplace, Recommender, and Payments platform. It is also planning to use our native image recognition solution- Ivy Eye, for analyzing shelf spaces to detect out-of-stock and check planogram compliance. Ivy Eye uses deep learning technologies to measure Share of Shelf with 95% accuracy.

Our solutions provided the company’s operations with the flexibility, collaboration capabilities, and ability to create and run workflows for managing approvals and other operational conditions. The company’s merchandisers use custom tasks and audits formats in our application for day-to-day operations. We support different media requirements of sales reps’ training and promotional materials. With access to data anywhere and everywhere, the sales team makes informed choices and provides recommendations to the retailers. Our solution also provides extensive reporting capabilities for store-level analysis with additional provisions to slice and dice data. A custom KPI dashboard built for the company on our app helps its users monitor KPIs and analyze their efforts.

Results from Some Markets across the Globe

Monthly Orders Globally: 15,269

Average Retailers covered in each market: 28,817

Global Users: 22,351


The company’s market in France has been using Ivy Retail Execution since October 2018. The solution is customized to suit their unique business processes and local industry nuances. We created advanced reporting capabilities for the back-office with data breakup at the store level to help with recommendations and demand forecasting of each store.

Additionally, each merchandiser can see Perfect Store parameters allowing easy compliance checks. They can also manage rich media on their devices for improved product visibility amongst retailers.

Assortment classification has been done based on store priority data for better sales. Additional integration with Route Planning and Image Recognition tools reduced time consumed by 12 minutes allowing users to cover more retail stores.


19th market to go live, the Indian market of this conglomerate uses our Retail Execution solution, which had a sales value of $1.8 billion in the first year. The system we offered explicitly to India has async processes to allocate orders with retailer validation (Credit limit, OOS, etc.) and convert them to invoices. It also caters to complex tax management based on the local configuration to make tax calculations easier. With one-click order validation and allocation, our solution ensured minimal order cancelations for them. With our system implemented, Promotional approvals moved faster from 7 days to 1 day.

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