Leading Dairy Cooperative Transforms Sales Operations with Ivy Mobility

A multinational dairy cooperative faced the challenge of managing complex sales and distribution operations across diverse markets in Asia and Africa. The company needed a robust solution to streamline its distribution operations and enhance the productivity of sales reps. They partnered with Ivy Mobility to implement a comprehensive Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Cloud Distribution Management Solution (DMS) solution across Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Indonesia.

Challenge: Inefficient Tech Systems for Distribution Operations

The company’s primary challenges included managing complex distribution operations, which involved overseeing a vast network of distributors and retail stores that required a highly efficient system to ensure seamless operations. Additionally, their reliance on manual processes for data retrieval and management was time-consuming and prone to errors, further complicating their operations.

The lack of real-time visibility into field operations hindered decision-makers from making informed choices promptly. Furthermore, implementing and tracking promotions across multiple channels and markets was complex and resource-intensive, adding another layer of difficulty to their overall operations.

Improved Field Force Productivity with Ivy Mobility

To address these challenges, Ivy Mobility provided a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to the dairy cooperative’s needs:

State-of-the-art SFA Solution

The state-of-the-art on-field Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution introduced many features that significantly enhanced operational efficiency for the company.

  • Catalog-based Order Management System: Enabled a streamlined order process through an intuitive catalog interface, thereby improving accuracy and efficiency
  • Stock Management: Enhanced tracking and management of stock levels, effectively reducing the risk of stockouts and overstocking
  • Promotion Management: Simplified the application and tracking of promotions across various channels and retailers, leveraging Ivy’s Unified Commercial Platform to ensure consistent and effective promotion execution.

Ivy Cloud DMS

The Ivy Cloud DMS system is a secondary sales Distribution Centre ERP designed to efficiently monitor and control distribution operations. It provides real-time visibility and control, enabling the dairy giant to manage their distribution network with greater accuracy and responsiveness.

Mobile Solution for iOS

The mobile solution for iOS offered a robust platform for sellers and supervisors, ensuring real-time data access and operational efficiency while on the go. This mobile solution enabled field personnel to stay connected and make informed decisions, significantly enhancing their productivity and effectiveness in various operational tasks.

Localized Print Template

The localized print template feature involved developing custom print templates that incorporate local languages, ensuring clear communication and compliance with regional requirements. This customization facilitated a better understanding and adherence to local regulations, improving overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Trade Promotion Management

The comprehensive promotion management feature implemented a full-fledged promotion management system, simplifying the application of promotions across specified channels and retailers. This system ensured consistent execution and tracking of promotions, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the dairy company’s promotional activities.

Results Achieved

The dairy cooperative experienced significant improvements across its operations following the implementation of Ivy Mobility’s solutions:

  1. Data Upload Utility: Introduced a unique utility feature that allowed the upload of all master files, reducing manual data retrieval efforts by 90%, resulting in considerable time savings and increased accuracy.
  1. Productivity Improvements: Achieved significant productivity improvements in both distributor warehouse operations and field activities. Enhanced visibility on field operations enabled decision-makers to make informed and timely decisions.
  1. Increased Productivity Hours: Recorded a +25% increase in productivity hours by automating back-office processes, measured every week. This automation freed up valuable time for staff to focus on strategic tasks.
  1. Global Template for Reusability: Developed a global template that allows for the reuse of customizations, significantly reducing the effort and time required for market deployment. This template ensures consistency and efficiency across different markets.

By leveraging Ivy Mobility’s state-of-the-art solutions, the company has successfully transformed its sales force automation and distribution operations across multiple markets. The implementation of these solutions has led to increased productivity, better visibility, and streamlined processes. As a result, the dairy cooperative is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the highly competitive dairy industry. The partnership with Ivy Mobility exemplifies how technology can drive operational excellence and business growth.

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