Bhavani Kailash:

Conviction Personified

If you happen to come to our Chennai office to meet Bhavani, Head of HR operations, you are up for some surprises, better than your expectations. Our Chennai office resonates with what our brand stands for and reflects the kind of people that make us- humble, hardworking, and reliable. Bhavani is just the kind of person that Ivy make you. You will instantly feel the warmth and a sense of belonging when you speak to Bhavani, and then she will tell you about the experience and success stories of how people have grown with the company. Seldom does she talk about herself, so here is her story.

Like most HR executives, Bhavani isn’t exactly famous, but in her 10+ years at Ivy Mobility, she has quietly become one of its most connected and influential figures. She has celebrated numerous personal and professional milestones in ten year tenure, with both teams supporting and cheering on the other.

Bhavani, an alumnus of Symbiosis University, was an entrepreneur before joining us. She used to run her consultancy firm and joined Ivy as a Consultant and Recruiter. After a few years here, she became an Operations specialist and started to get involved with Business Practices. She gradually grew in rank and currently heads HR Operations and Business Practices.

Ivy has always been a coveted and dynamic workplace that taught Bhavani to be expectant of changes and be ready for new challenges. Her constant hard work, an undying hunger to learn, and unceasing efforts helped her with her upward trajectory at the company. She is vital to the development of Ivy’s policies and has played crucial roles in organizing and planning two major org transformations for Ivy.

Bhavani beams with pride when she talks about Ivy. She says, “Ivy was and will always be a futuristic company.” She adds that Ivy has been extending work from home for its employees, even before the world knew what WFH meant. With ample freedom and flexibility, Bhavani was never devoid of opportunities to grow and succeed at Ivy when she needed it the most.

Speaking of employee centricity, Bhavani says, “Ivy continues to keep employees at the center of the business. We are and will always be for our people.” She was fortunate to work with some of the greatest minds at Ivy, and when asked about her favorite mentor, she had far too many names on her list. However, she responds in seconds when asked about the list of learnings she is grateful she had. These learnings include critical thinking, prioritization, presentational skills, and others. In real-life situations she saw across the organization, these learnings helped her in challenging scenarios with utmost ease.

When asked what makes her so confident about Ivy being the right choice, she says, “Ivy offers ample opportunities and provides space and freedom for employees to switch verticals. The flat hierarchical structure gives employees accessibility, transparency, and accountability across the organization.” Her advice to new joiners is, “If you come into Ivy hungry to learn and grow, you will never be left hungry. Ivy is a challenging environment that would allow you to grow through practical experiences.”

Bhavani is an avid reader and a frequent traveler who loves hitting the road almost every weekend. She’s a doting mother to her two lovely children and loves stitching their clothes. She cherishes her ability to balance her career and her family time. Her favorite quote is, “Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.”

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