Van Sales Software for Improved Order and Delivery Management

The Middle Eastern markets flourish and thrive on van sales businesses. The CAGR of commercial vehicles in the Middle East has been growing at about 15% yearly. Every brand comes with branded vans to help them regularly replenish the shelves at retail stores. The same trend is starting to pick up in Latin America and many other geographies as well. Understanding the benefits of van sales automation and the activities performed by van sellers will help incorporate this business model and select the right solution for your van sales model.

Van Sales for Seamless Distribution

Large distributors use van sellers to collect orders from retail stores, replenish inventory and deliver orders during a single visit to a retail store. Interactive apps make it easy for van sellers to track and fulfill orders seamlessly. When combined with intelligent recommenders, these apps are capable of helping van sellers make easy choices like alternate SKUs to deliver when one SKU is out of stock or the prescribed quantity for each order.

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Optimizing Van Sales Activities

Van sellers must have a bird’s eye view of activities and tasks to perform each day at each store. A peek into detailed task lists will help them identify tasks that van sellers must complete before every customer visit. The ability of van sales software to up-sell and cross-sell offers them the name of Ready-Stock Sales. It helps increase the average cost per order while reducing the time between order placements and delivery.

Cloud-based Distribution Management System

Inventory Management On-the-Go

With effective van sales software, van sellers can optimize their van’s inventory effectively. Most apps offer manual or automatic options with van loading and inventory management. In the manual option, van sellers manually enter the quantity to be loaded in a van. The automatic van load option comes with AI&ML recommendations based on accumulated sales data of the retail store.

In Ivy Van Sales Software, accepting van load via the van inventory management module of the app is easy and hassle-free. Sellers need to pick a load type and get their quantity selection approved by a higher authority based on the organization’s business process. These business processes can be customizable in the app to make them efficient.

Payments and Collections Simplified

Van sellers can easily collect cash, cheques, or digital payments via a van sales app. It helps track and maintain accounts receivables accurately while reconciling accounts is simplified. Well-designed apps also come with options for full and partial collections. These small in-built features ensure that apps are easy to use and effective.

Invoicing Portability

Invoicing portability is another critical feature of Van Sales Software. With our app, van sellers generate invoices on the go with our mobile van sales app. They can also print delivery slips and invoices from remote printers through Bluetooth connectivity. It helps sellers obtain signed delivery slips from store managers, increasing the system’s efficiency and collecting proof of delivery. Stock reconciliation happens automatically at the end of every business day.

Mobile to DEX Compatibility

If you can extend this feature to your van sellers, it will make their lives even simple. Van sellers can connect their mobile devices to DEX, allowing them to display promotional assets, orders, and offers on large screens to ensure the orders’ accuracy. These are compatible with any mobile device and allow complete flexibility to companies.

Van Sales apps help your products reach the shelves faster as they reduce delivery time. These apps present sellers with opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell. The in-built payment schemes and the numerous customizable features offer companies the ability to modify apps to meet their business needs.

We understand how business requirements vary from industry to industry. These minute transformations help you win markets effortlessly by helping you tackle pain points. Book a demo with our experts to understand what Ivy offers your business.

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