Impact of Van Sales on Consumer Goods Categories

In our previous blog, we discussed ways for consumer goods companies to maximize ROI and achieve improved sales with van sales automation. Simple automation like incorporating real-time updates, developing digital catalogs, and automatic stock replenishment feature help enhance the effectiveness of your van sales software.

In this blog, we will discuss categories within consumer goods that can benefit the most with van sales as their distribution mode. At large, we have seen that companies that look to sell fast-moving products with lower shelf life have adopted van sales and continue to benefit from it. The van sales model minimizes the time between packaging and the shelf, reducing cost-to-serve, which is what every CPG company wants. Let’s dig into consumer goods categories that stand with van sales.

Fresh Produce

Fresh produce includes fruits and vegetables, and the factor impacting the sales of these products is freshness. Once wilted, these products are no longer fit for consumption, making them vulnerable to time. Van sales help these companies reduce the time from farm to table. Additionally, using vans with cold storage facilities ensures that products stay fresh for longer. Vans also contribute to achieving last-mile delivery of these products.

van sellers

Dairy Products

Van sales ensure that customers have access to dairy products manufactured daily. It saves dairy products from getting wasted beyond the expiration date. Another advantage of van sales is maintaining temperatures effectively, unlike bulk distribution models. The last-mile delivery helps with providing dairy products at the remotest of locations.

Frozen and Meat Products

With frozen products, delivery time and temperature maintenance matter the most. While resorting to van sales, companies can achieve both these results effectively. Packaged meat products gain faster access to shelves using van sales models.

Cloud-based Distribution Management System

Bakers and Confectioners

Companies dealing with baked goods are switching to van sales. The Ivy van sales app with a recommendation engine helps van sellers stock up on quantities sold or consumed within a day or two. This way, returns are handled effectively, allowing companies to cut losses, forecast sales, and handle production supply based on demand. Learn more on how Ivy helped a bread giant in Mexico reduce their cost-to-serve.

Beverage Industry

In summer, the consumption of canned beverages is at an all-time high, with a promise of 8.87% CAGR for 2020 to 2025 only in the middle east and African markets. Van sales will help beverage companies to maximize sales across these countries with good connectivity, optimized route planning, and an efficient order management system. Ivy effectively implemented Van sales for an Omani beverage leader that helped them scale operations and optimize sales processes.

Technology has become imperative for consumer goods distribution strategy to reduce costs and increase sales. We understand how important it is for organizations to track SKU sales to help them understand their growth. With the advent of the van sales business models, we decided to integrate van sales technology into our apps so that your employees can effectively use it to track growth while staying true to sustainability.

If you’re looking for sustainable technology to ace your van sales model, book a demo with us to understand our offerings.

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