5 Must-Haves in Your Van Sales Software

Van Sales Automation software can help consumer goods companies maximize outcomes from van sales operations by improving visibility, traceability, and efficiency. Most van sales solutions support performance management, inventory management, payment collection, merchandising, and accounting. But what are the must-haves of these features for you to get an edge?

Having features is good, but optimizing van sales operations and processes to bring them onto one platform can be game-changing. Van Sales Software should be able to take complex processes into one configurable system for higher accuracy and scalability. Then the solution can offer mobility, flexibility, and accessibility to make life easier for van sales executives. Let us look at some of the business challenges that the software must mitigate and also what to look for in your van sales app.

Van Inventory Visibility

Managing and tracking inventory in a van can be challenging for a sales rep without the proper tool, resulting in stock-outs or mismatches. It can lead to delays in deliveries and a decrease in customer satisfaction. Ivy Van Sales software allows real-time updates on the inventory stock available in a van after each transaction through mobile phones, enabling sales representatives to have a clear and accurate picture of the inventory stock at all times, resulting in zero stock-outs.

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Achieve Sales Targets

The van sales app makes the end-to-end van sales process as smooth and efficient as possible. With advanced features such as route planning optimization and real-time visibility of stock availability, the app helps sales reps to sell more during each store visit and maximize the number of visits they can make in a day. Ivy Van Sales Software can manage all aspects of van sales operations, from stock ordering and delivery to stock return, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to achieve their sales targets.

Cloud-based Distribution Management System

Route Planning

An effective van sales app that utilizes an integrated geo-map can assist sales representatives in planning their store visits, enabling them to reach the maximum number of customers. It can save time and effort for the sales reps to find routes and customer locations. Ivy Van Sales Software empowers the sales rep to plan ahead of time, modify plans to optimize routes better or shift the order of store visits effectively based on the urgent requirements of retail stores.


Accurate record-keeping and regular reporting are essential for optimizing and improving the van sales marketing channel. The mobile Van Sales App should offer valuable analytics to enhance field productivity and operational efficiency and allows for monitoring of performance by route and sales representative through reports. The KPI Dashboard of the Ivy van sales app helps the van seller analyze how much sales target is due. The dashboard also displays the calculation of incentives for sellers, including the comparison of achieved and pending SKU targets.

Route Summary

Van sales reps must report daily activities to supervisors, including store visits, payment collection, and inventory levels. It can be time-consuming and tedious if done manually. A Van Sales App can automate this process and allow reps to quickly and accurately summarize their day. Ivy Van Sales Software enables sales reps to keep track of sales orders, inventory levels, and returns, as well as reconcile and report collection dues and balances to authorized parties before the end of the day.


Ivy Mobility’s Van Sales software streamlines distribution and merchandizing efforts, reduce delivery time, and increases sales opportunities. The user-friendly interface and real-time performance insights can help you save costs and improve your business. Book a demo with our specialists to learn how Ivy can benefit your business.

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