Ivy Eye

Retail Execution Powered by Image Recognition for Improved Profitability

Capture images of shelves and analyze them in real-time to calculate KPIs and deliver a perfect store every time.

Ivy Eye helps improve profitability through automated in-store execution, improved field force productivity, and increased same store sales. Our high-speed and high-performance AI-based image recognition solution processes images in less than 3 mins with more than 97% accuracy. Save time, improve results, and gain maximum ROI with technology that gets smarter with time.

  • Automate merchandising activities like store audits, planogram compliance, and more
  • Monitor and regulate pricing in retail stores by scanning printed and digital price tags
  • Auto-calculation of Share of Shelf and Share of Display
  • Built-in promotion checks and POSM tracking
  • Track competitor pricing and promotions

Automate Merchandising Activities for Perfect Execution

Manual auditing of the retail shelves is time-consuming and inaccurate. Image Recognition and Object Detection techniques help consumer goods companies standardize and automate store checks for making business decisions confidently. Ivy Eye is an indispensable solution to minimize out-of-stock, track availability, ensure planogram compliance, maximize your product visibility and augment sales.

Ivy Eye Highlights

Fast-track Retail Execution

Perform retail execution for each store with a step-by-step guide for the field force through multiple tasks. The efficiency of each agent can be tracked and ranked amongst peers giving the company sufficient data to analyze productivity and performance KPIs.

  • Custom dashboards that track company-specific KPIs
  • Sequenced task lists with geo-fencing capabilities
  • POSM and promotions management at each retail store

Planogram Compliance

Executing a perfect store is now made possible with Image recognition by Ivy Eye. Field agents can access information such as shelf arrangements and product assortments that every aisle needs to hold from the app.

  • Easy to train AI-ML systems with fewer images
  • Stitching multiple images to recreate and capture entire aisles
  • Easily identifies gaps and inconsistencies in the planogram

For All Shelf Conditions

Help reps capture the entire planogram without missed sections and overlapping SKUs that affect the final calculation with the guided capture feature. Standard instructions help reps to work with efficiency.

  • Guided photo capture and built-in quality checks
  • 20% overlay for the rep after every picture
  • Angle correction and light intensity with Flash option for low light conditions

Reports & Dashboards

Near real-time dashboards allow stakeholders to track individual or team-based performance of reps. Dashboards open up a bird’s eye view of sales, orders collected, and rep productivity.

  • Tracks relevant customizable business KPIs
  • Performance and productivity monitoring made easy
  • Comparison charts for various image parameters are available


97% Accuracy

Our solution offers 97% accuracy on the results obtained via the ML algorithm. It eliminates human errors and biases while increasing efficiency with a feedback mechanism to provide insights and recommendations.

<3 Min of Processing Time

Image processing of shelves takes less than 3 minutes to produce results, helping field agents quickly complete merchandising tasks. Ivy Eye can quickly identify gaps, out-of-stock, and facings while performing planogram and assortment checks.

35% of Time Savings

Retail execution with image recognition is at least 35% faster than the manual approach. Merchandisers capture images of shelves and stores, and Ivy Eye analyzes them in real time while boosting productivity to ensure maximum efficiency and improved coverage.

Why Switch to Image Recognition?

A Gartner report predicts that by 2025, 90% of customer interactions in the retail industry will be via AI. AI-powered Image recognition and Shelf Intelligence solutions enable field sales teams to make changes to the shelf on the fly, generate reports, achieve planogram compliance, and much more. Its time you join the bandwagon!

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