Leading Beverage Company Oman Refreshments (ORC) Uses Ivy Mobility Route to Market Solution to Streamline Sales Processes and Improve Operational Efficiency

The company is a leading franchised distributor of PepsiCo products in the Sultanate of Oman and uses Ivy cloud Distribution-ERP and Sales Force Automation Solution, built on AWS.


Oman Refreshment Company (ORC), a leading soft-drinks and beverages player in the Sultanate of Oman, has been using Ivy Mobility’s intelligent Route-to-Market (i-RTM) solution since 2018 and has experienced significant improvement in sales and operations efficiencies. The company was previously on a legacy on-premise solution and moved to lvy Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and Cloud Distribution Management System (DMS) to support business expansion.

In addition to owning franchise rights to produce, fill and distribute PepsiCo in the Sultanate, ORC manufactures beverages under its own brand Topfruit. Moving to the cloud solution by Ivy Mobility provided the company with complete accessibility, scalability, and customization capabilities on top of the cost savings over the legacy solution.

The field force of ORC now seamlessly conducts about 33,000 visits on lvy i-RTM solution and processes 30,000 orders in a month on average.
Ivy Mobility also helped Oman Refreshments Company overcome one of its biggest challenges of approval management. ORC now has 70+ levels of approvals flowing through different departments in almost no time and fully automated way.

“The inefficiencies of our legacy system were becoming roadblocks to our growth, compelling us to move to a cloud-based solution. We chose Ivy to help us manage this massive change, which worked more than well for us. Now our field force has complete accessibility on the go and works efficiently,” said Youssef Ezzikhe, Chief Executive Officer at Oman Refreshment Company.

“We are glad that we could address the challenges faced by ORC. Our expertise in consumer goods and cloud platforms gave us an edge. ORC and their teams have been super supportive throughout the process, and we are happy to be a part of their aggressive growth plan. Long way to go from here,” said Rajiv Prabhakar, Founder & CEO of Ivy Mobility.

Oman Refreshments Company also runs hundreds of trade promotions on the Ivy i-RTM solution all year round. The company’s field force serves 49,000 stores across the sultanate of Oman on the solution.

Disclaimer: The contents hereinabove are based on private experience and feedback of Oman Refreshment Company (ORC), with no promises, statements, inducements, declarations, or representation(s) being made, oral or written, regarding the subject matter, nor any warranty nor guarantee as to the facts, figures or accuracy and ORC expressly disclaims any and all liabilities, whatsoever, be it under law or otherwise, including those related, special, exemplary and/or incidental thereto.

About Ivy Mobility

Ivy Mobility is a global leader in cloud-based software for the consumer goods industry. Since 2012, the company’s outcome-driven, highly scalable, configurable, and intelligent route-to-market solution has been helping thousands of manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and merchandising agencies grow faster. The company has its head offices in Singapore and operations in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

About Oman Refreshment Company

Oman Refreshments (ORC), or Pepsi Oman, started in 1974, is a leading franchised distributor of PepsiCo products in the Sultanate of Oman. ORC has seven production lines packing beverages into Cans, PET bottles, Non-returnable Glass Bottles, and Tetra Pack juices. They also trade in snacks, which include Lays potato chips, Doritos, etc., and the Quaker range of food products.

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