Retail Execution Powered by Image Recognition for Improved Profitability

Free eBook - Image Recognition powered by Ivy Eye for improved profitability

How mundane would someone’s day be if all they did was count products on the aisles and count the stock available in warehouses? Free your field force agents from such tedious and boring activities by automating them using advanced technologies.


Companies have been switching from heavy gadgets that are expensive and couldn’t multitask to smart mobile devices that are extremely multi-functional. These measures have saved the company valuable money that was otherwise spent on procuring these infrastructures.


With easy applications installed on mobile phones, automating mundane tasks with a single photo captured on the device is possible. It can automatically check planogram compliance, analyze gaps, prompt out-of-stock on the shelf, and track competitor pricing.


In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to enhance productivity of field force agents to enhance profitability over time?
  • How to effectively use technology to save time and efforts making lives simpler and more accurate?
  • Understanding how easy implementation and training of Image recognition systems can be.

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