Get the latest updates, some fun facts, and all things tech for the world of Consumer Product Goods. We bring to you a combination of technological advancements coupled with AI ML-powered algorithms to boost your sales.

Maximize your ROI With Van Sales Automation

Van Sales is the backbone of the consumer goods supply chain, and many distributors have van sellers on the move, visiting retailers with physical catalogs and taking orders.

Leveraging the Power of Direct Store Delivery for your Business

The Consumer Goods industry has an ever-evolving supply chain, and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a strategic focus of most consumer goods companies

Overcoming Retail Execution Challenges and Achieving Perfection at the Shelf

This blog is a complete guide to understanding the futuristic features required for retail execution software.

The Digital Future of the Consumer Goods Industry

Consumer goods businesses now need new-age technologies adopted in their businesses, supported by digital Route-to-Market (RTM) to succeed.

Accelerating Business Expansion of Tobacco Manufacturers with Real-time Data Visibility

This blog describes the challenges of one of the world’s largest tobacco manufacturers and how we helped them overcome those.

Improving Sales Efficiency for Bakeries

In this blog, we talk about one of the most complex implementations we have ever done as a team for a global bakery brand and share some interesting facts and insights.

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