Get the latest updates, some fun facts, and all things tech for the world of Consumer Product Goods. We bring to you a combination of technological advancements coupled with AI ML-powered algorithms to boost your sales.

10 Reasons Why Your Consumer Goods Business Needs a Mobile App

As a consumer goods company, the data collected via mobile app and other digital solutions will give you perfect visibility of your business.

Using Mobile Solutions for Wholesale Distribution

Using mobile software allows you the ability to track all the aspects of an audit and you can organize and get done faster for your business needs.

Why You Should Be Using AI to Automate Route to Market

Our team of Ivy experts share their knowledge on the top rends that will impact consumer goods organizations.

Why You Need A Complete Last Mile Delivery Strategy

For customers, the ease and convenience of e-commerce delivery is an obvious advantage, but for

Using Ivy Mobility Insights to Make the Most of Your Shelf Space

Organizing shelf space is as crucial to retailers as having stock to sell. Without

Top 3 Digital Technologies for Consumer Goods Organizations

We are discussing digital technologies used by Consumer Goods organizations to stay at the forefront

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