Hari Sankar :

The Passion Pro

Hailing from the cozy town seaside town of Malappuram in Kerala, Hari Sankar started his journey with Ivy as a fresher right out of MBA. With no prior work experience, Ivy fascinated Hari from the first day. He joined Ivy as an Implementation Engineer.

Within three months of joining, he became a Business Analyst for a renowned beverage client. And from there on, Hari honed different roles and currently holds the position of an Associate Project Manager. He has completed six wonderful years here at Ivy already.

His growth has been phenomenal, and it’s this rapid pace and the steep learning curve to which Hari owes his success. Hari claims that the best thing about Ivy is its open culture. Everyone in the organization is approachable, and employees can switch roles and projects with absolute ease. Finding exciting opportunities for employees and helping them succeed at them is essential to growth. Ivy pushes its employees to get out of their comfort zones and pursue the unachievable.

Hari says that he has grown 360 degrees in the last few years, and his social and interpersonal skills have improved drastically. His experiences with clients from varying backgrounds have helped set his perspective of the industry.

Hari has also found his best mentors at Ivy. His first manager Prahalad and his current manager Nitin, have both played crucial roles in molding Hari. They have taught him everything about the industry, and they are the ones who have identified and tapped his true potential over these years.

His biggest learnings revolve around keeping the customer at the center. He says that the secret to a long-term relationship with clients depends on how approachable and helpful we are towards their requirements. Hari is a proud peacock when he talks about Ivy. His awe for the organization never ceases, and he is sure Ivy is yet to achieve its maximum potential.

His message to all the new joiners is to have the right attitude and keep moving forward. He adds that your previous experience should not stop you from growing at Ivy. If you have the right attitude, no one can stop you from climbing ladders. The journey is not necessarily easy, but those initial struggles are what helps you to understand the true essence of what a company like Ivy does. Cheers to Hari, and let’s wish him a bright and beautiful journey ahead.

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