Ximena: The wonder woman

Born in Mexico and living in New Jersey, our very own Ximena Moreno is the heart and soul of our team in the Latin American region. She started young in the consumer goods industry and has spent 11 years with P&G before joining Ivy.

She joined our LATAM team in 2017 and was the first female employee in that team. From being a Solution Consultant Lead to handling multiple roles, she has crossed many milestones at Ivy. She believes that a function or a title cannot limit what she can do. The ability to explore what your strengths are is one thing that a career at Ivy gives you.

Ximena's ability to improvise on the go makes her successful at Ivy. She is an industry expert in agile implementation. She is Americas Product Head, leads the business unit for a leading bakery in the USA and is also a project manager for a Mexican client. She is also pursuing her MBA from Hult International Business School in Boston to progress her career.

As exhilarating as it sounds and feels, being a woman with many roles at work, a student, and a mom ensures that Ximena has all her days full of action. Her passion for Ivy is evident when you speak to her, and she wants to see Ivy reach new milestones of success.

She is the proudest when her team overachieves. Her team of experts took 34 thousand users live in less than a year. All of this amidst the pandemic. Satisfaction and the knowledge that she is improving the lives of our users every day is what drives her to do more each day.

To Ximena, the vision of our founder has been the greatest motivation. Anand Singh and Anand Venkatesan are next on her list of infinite energy. Her aplomb and wisdom are inspiring, and spending a few minutes talking to her is enough to pull through any storm.

Her two cents for new joiners at Ivy is to have resilience. Ximena believes that if you are resilient enough to achieve what you want, no one can stop you from succeeding at Ivy or anywhere else.

When asked about her success mantra, Ximena said these golden words, " Rethink who you are and transform into who you want to be". Let’s wish Ximena a great future with Ivy, where she drives success, pace, and an inspiring culture.

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