Tanay Shrivastava:

Quintessential Indian

What would you call a combination of Investopedia and Feminism? We call it Tanay Shrivastava. If you speak with him for a few minutes, he will have a list of stocks for you to invest in, or he will convert you into a feminist if you are already not one. Tanay is a quintessential Indian man who encourages women around him to pursue their dreams and follow their passions.
A graduate of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIMC), Tanay joined Ivy Mobility a few years ago in our product development team to spearhead innovation in our product roadmap. With over seven years of experience in the consumer goods industry working for companies like Cognizant, Devyani International Limited, and Aditya Birla Retail Limited, Tanay has a keen business perspective to fill the gaps in the value chain and understand customer needs.

As a product manager at Ivy, Tanay leveraged his expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help design and implement Ivy Recommender, our native SKU recommendation engine, helping consumer goods companies increase same-store sales.

The story of Ivy Recommender’s launch is no less than a thriller movie. From the struggles of finding relevant data samples to convincing the first customer to adopt the solution, the Ivy Recommender launch is an example of hard work, grit, and determination, and how an Ivyer can build anything from scratch with the heart and soul put into it. Since then, the product has grown many folds, with new functionalities developed quarterly and more customers adopting the solution. Despite encountering complexities in the project, Tanay received guidance from his mentors at Ivy and eventually was able to take the project to the other side.

The successful launch of Ivy Recommender and the results that followed encouraged Tanay and his team to do more. Some clients saw immediate results, with field force productivity improving and sales increasing. Tanay and his team are continuously working on improving the results/ outcomes and accuracy of Ivy Recommender.

Tanay is known for his mentorship skills and passion for work. He instills his learnings into his mentees and encourages perseverance and resilience in new joiners at Ivy. When asked about his message to anyone who comes to Ivy, he immediately responded with his famous one line, “Building Future Ready capabilities require only two ingredients-perseverance and resilience.”

Tanay Shrivastava

Tanay has had humble beginnings in life as well as at Ivy. He comes from a family of government servants and abides by his family values and culture. But he knows the art of making extraordinary from ordinary, making him a true Ivyer.

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