Alex -

The Globetrotter

A double graduate of Bordeaux Business School and Japanese university, Alex is the Director of Sales at Ivy Mobility in Europe. In his twenty years of sales, business development, and marketing experience in Europe, Asia, and the US with consumer goods companies like Unilever and Mondelez, he has been involved with many product launches and has managed large-scale operations. His experiences, learnings, and a deep understanding of customer pain points make him a true asset to our company.

In his previous roles at various organizations, he was a user of route-to-market technologies but found himself on the other side at Ivy. He leveraged his experience from the other end of the spectrum to be a solution provider for consumer goods professionals and executives. Alex says that the most satisfying part of his role at Ivy is resolving customer pain points. He helps our customers achieve efficiencies and a reduced cost-to-serve while helping modernize operations.

When asked how Ivy helped shape your dreams, Alex proudly says that the rapid pace at which the company is growing fosters his entrepreneurial spirit each day. His new role is a steep learning curve, and the challenges presented from a technology perspective helped him gather holistic industry expertise. Alex now also focuses on the technical aspects that help brands scale. He has gained insight into how technology can help expand a market and tap into its latent demand.

Speaking of Ivy’s culture, Alex says that he enjoys the open workplace with no walls or barriers to limit him. Adding to this, he proudly adds that the work culture supports his passion for building new things. Everyone at Ivy looks up to Alex as a versatile specialist who brings a fresh perspective.

Alex is also a multipotentiality who performs martial arts, plays six different musical instruments, and paints. His other passions include home remodeling, renovation, and illustration. He is a polyglot and can converse fluently in 4 international languages.

Alex is optimistic about Ivy’s growth trajectory and is committed to it. He enjoys cross-cultural interactions with colleagues from across the globe. When asked about his message to the new joiners at Ivy, he says that the growth opportunities are enormous here, and if you want to impact the business directly, then Ivy is an excellent place to be.

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