Ivy Mobility: Embracing Analytics & Cloud to Develop Mobile Solutions for CPG Industry


  With the current CPG sector undergoing changes in the ways of working; companies are   now taking control of the market by leveraging technology to fetch real time information   about their business. Besides as companies operating in the CPG industry face    numerous   challenges, like uncertain demand, shifting tastes, operating at a profitable    level, changing standards and regulations, and relying on the global supplier network;    companies are out looking for Line of Business solutions to address their business c  challenges. Being early adopters of such mobility solutions these large enterprises today have instant visibility of sales, promotions, distributor inventory and retailer outlet census and are now isolating themselves from their distributors and are concentrating on their core business activity which is Consumer Insights and Behavior. With highly configurable modules, backed up with strong analytics & cloud capabilities, Singapore based Ivy Mobile Technologies provides very robust Off the Shelf Mobile Solutions designed exclusively for the CPG industry.

Exquisite Solution Suite for CPG industry
With over 25 years of experience in different industries like Manufacturing, Commodities, FMCG and Financial Markets; Nataraj Subramanian, CEO at Ivy Mobile Technologies recognizes the enterprise mobility requirements of clients and is steering Ivy to address the needs through a suite of Cloud based CPG offerings through IvyVansales™, IvyPreSales™, Ivy Retail™ Execution, IvyDMS™ and Ivy Analytics.

IvyRetail™, a complete back end Web portal, enables planning, master data management, surveys, tasks & instore activities along with Synchronizing near Real Time with the Ivy Mobile application.“IvyRetail™ mobile solution is an offline/online, line of business solutions that can run on any Operating System currently being used by an Enterprise.” says Rajiv Prabhakar, Founder, Director of Ivy Mobile Technologies. The multilingual solution connects to any back end Enterprise CRM/ERP proffering ‘Near Real Time’ market data like Availability check, Promotions tracking, Asset Tracking and Conducting Surveys at the click of a button.

IvyDistributor™, another Cloud based solution of Ivy empowers the Distributors and the sales teams to have market Data on their fingertips, which in turn enlightens the Distributors’ with information about various elements like Stock positions, Sales, Outlet coverage, Claims management and Stock/cash reconciliations, to name a few. Besides, Ivy is the only Cloud hosted Distributor Management System that takes care of all activities pertaining to a Distributor; like Inventory control, Purchasing, Warehouse stock keeping, stock checks, Credit Management and Schemes & Promotions. As IvyDMS™ is integrated to the IvyCPG/IVY Distributor system, hence from an end to end perspective; all the modules within these systems are Plug and Play (out of the box). High configurable with an average time to market (go Live) in 6 to 8 weeks, all Ivy solutions are multilingual and have the capability to connect to any blue tooth printer and is operation system agnostic with Plug and Play modules.

Future Roadmap
Established in 2002, Ivy currently serves 48,000+ Plus Live Mobile Enterprise Users in the CPG Vertical, with 12 Million plus Mobile transactions per month. Ivy feels proud in experiencing growth along with its customers and regards its customers to be its only Stakeholders. With a SaaS revenue model, Ivy ensures that its customers are a part of its continuous improvements, through automatic free upgrades, easy transitions and a 1000 days SLA policy.

Being passionate about technology, Ivy feels great having travelled with Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, iOS & Android Platforms during its journey in the Enterprise Mobility solutions space and claims to be fully geared up for any future technology shifts in Mobile. With operations in 7 regions, namely USA, UK, Singapore, Middle East, China, Mexico & India; Ivy Mobility is further destined to establish itself as one of the top 3 world class enterprise mobility solutions companies in the coming years.

With founding aspiration of being the first Product Company in emerging technology space and redefining the evolution of the space(a frontier previously held by Silicon Valley), Ivy aspires to accomplish the impetus to the present generation of Indian companies in order to deliver on next generation Emerging technologies.