Van Sales Software

Powering DSD Distribution Operations for Consumer Goods

Van Sales Software by Ivy Mobility is an intelligent solution with van load recommendations for every van seller on each route. Increase sales on each trip, check real-time inventory status, track van location, do on-spot billing, and more with the solution.

The Van sales distribution model is the backbone of the consumer goods supply chain because of flexibility, efficiency, and sales capability. However, it can be complex with sales tracking, out-of-stock management, and more. A robust van sales software can help alleviate some of these pain points.

  • It can help with sales tracking, out-of-stock management, and inventory management.
  • It reduces the factory-to-shelf-to-consumer timeline.
  • Daily reconciliation activities of van sellers become seamless, automated, and effective.
  • Invoicing and delivery slips with instant billing features make transactions easy to carry.
  • Features like Odometer, location capture, and attendance tracking ensure that all van sellers are productive and meet their goals.

Van Sales & DSD

With our Direct Store Delivery (DSD) app, you control how, when, and where the products are delivered, thereby reducing the time to get products from the factory to the shelf. Our van sales capability helps increase sales and reduce the time between production and delivery. Join our upcoming webinar to learn more about our van sales software.

Van Sales Software Features

KPI Dashboards

Each van seller will have a personalized KPI Dashboard with metrics to help him self-assess his performance against the target. He can also track retailer performance and other important information.

  • Bird's Eye View of sales metrics and monitoring
  • Automated incentive calculation for each van seller
  • Performance parameters analysis and insights
  • Supervisor and other user roles for dashboards

In-Store Activities

In addition to van sales, van sellers can complete a list of activities at every retail store, as mandated by the manufacturer. To complete their store visit, van sellers must finish the checklist of activities.

  • Stock checks and sales orders with promotion compliance
  • Returns and expiry checks with surveys and collections
  • Predefined checklist to ensure execution of all activities
  • Competitor tracking

Stock Reconciliation

Van Sellers have to reconcile the remaining stock in their van daily. Automated stock reconciliation simplifies the work of a van seller, and any mismatches in values can be identified and rectified instantly.

  • Automated tallying of collections and stock-based reconciliations
  • Manage returns and stock in hand effectively
  • Forecast-based stock load options

Van Seller Activities

Attendance and Tracking

The app tracks the attendance of van sellers, productivity metrics, and KPIs to help achieve maximum results on tasks performed. The credibility of van sellers is also measured, allowing companies to manage performance and productivity consistently.

Retail Management

Van sellers will have optimal routes with our solution, allowing fuel and time efficiency for your business. With these visits to each store, van sellers replenish stocks immediately at retail stores while taking pre-orders for upcoming deliveries.

Van Inventory

Van Sellers will have van load inventory and recommendations each day. They can reconcile load daily to ensure accountability and tracking of stocks efficiently. Stocks are replenished based on forecasted demand or the pre-orders captured via the apps.

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