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Infusing Consumer Goods Route to Market with Data Analytics and Smarter Decision Making

Fully Integrated Data Analytics Solution on the Cloud for Consumer Goods

In an ever-evolving consumer goods route-to-market and supply chain dynamics, leaders often come across questions that require deeper analysis. Ivy Insights delivers clear, crisp, and actionable intelligence in real-time to keep data at the center of your route-to-market business strategy. You can customize Ivy Insights for your business or use our pre-built dashboards and reports, specially made for consumer goods companies. With Ivy Insights, get answers to questions like

  • Which channel to invest in for better customer acquisition?
  • What discounts or promotions did well last quarter?
  • What is the highest or average purchasing capacity of retailers?
  • What is the next-best SKU to sell a high-selling product?

Generate AI-driven Insights and Recommendations

Managing and analyzing the vast amount of data generated by the consumer goods sales force can be daunting. CPG firms must go beyond generic data analytics technologies and leverage industry-specific intelligence to address these complexities.

With our 15+ years of experience in consumer goods route-to-market, we have built Ivy Insights to address the data analytics needs of CPG companies.

Ivy Insights Highlights

Multilevel Data

Ivy Insights provides role-based data segmentation, allowing customized access to relevant data based on individual roles and unique requirements. This approach ensures that each team member can access the data they need to make informed decisions and drive growth.

  • Enterprise organizations can thrive on a well-structured hierarchy
  • Strategic overview of the data to guide critical decision-making processes
  • Supervisors can monitor the performance of their teams

Data Segmentation

We deliver insights that are both comprehensive and highly nuanced. Our platform leverages the latest data analysis and visualization technologies to give users a deep understanding of their data.

  • Simplified data deluge
  • Offers complex and multi-parametric data
  • Access to Tier I, II, and III field level data for effective insights


Ivy Insights maximizes the effectiveness of data insights by combining them with data visualization and storytelling. We offer a short turnaround time between data upload and recommendations.

  • Receive actionable insights generated by our AI/ ML engine
  • Analyze years of data to predict future trends
  • Enable your teams to make informed choices


50+ Pre-built Reports

100% Flexible Customizations

15+ Years of Industry Experience

Why opt for Ivy Insights?

A Mckinsey report shows that only 40% of CPG companies who invested in Data Insights manage to generate an ROI. Others are stuck with small wins and unable to achieve an enterprise-level impact.

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