The impact of Technology in the CPG industry

Focus on the forces of supply by most manufacturers is now becoming a thing of the past. The reason is that there is a shift towards producing goods within Consumer Packaged Goods industries, according to the demand in the market. The implication is that the producers are now aware of what consumers are demanding the most in the market, which has been as a result of the use of software and mobile solutions. Here is the impact that such technology avails.

More visibility and integration of sales channels

Software and mobile solutions make coordination between Consumer Packaged Goods companies, mobile sales teams and in-store customers more efficient. That is as a result of correct retail execution through the mobile platform, which means that firms that embrace such technology are in a better position to gain leverage over existing competition.

Distribution Management System
Cloud-based Distribution Management System

Better consumer engagement

The use of technology makes it easier for businesses in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry to communicate with their clients by sending the right information to intended customers. That way, suppliers can respond to the needs of particular consumers effectively, as well as get feedback from them regarding various products in a prompt manner.

Tracking of assets in warehouses

Mobile applications enable staff to track assets in the store, which is a major component of the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. As a result, there is the retrieval of valuable information as a result of increased visibility, which leads to better management of supplies depending on the demand in the market.

Published by August 5, 2022 by Ivy Mobility

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