Ivy’s Vending System Management Solution enables you to manage and monitor the supply of goods to all the locations and machines on time, based on actual demand. Helps field service reps make decisions by providing access to their data anywhere, anytime & on any device. Enterprises can effectively manage their vending business and reduce expenses through Ivy Mobility’s Vending Machine sales solution.

Major Processes

  • Time and attendance tracking

  • Vending Machine Audit

  • Surveys and feedback

  • Location details

  • Credit and collections

  • Suggested Filling Quantity

  • Mileage Tracker

  • Empties Collection

  • Cashbox Audit

Do you want a solution to manage routes, assets, and inventory?
Technology driven Vending solutions to track inventory of products, assets, organize route and map it for speed and to decide which product will do best at each of the locations.
Are you looking to improve visibility into what’s happening in the field?
Collecting operational data parameters such as price, column placement, etc. & providing real-time views of usage and sales.
Do you want to understand where to send drivers, when and location?
Effective inventory control and replenishment execution based on past filling and sales History. This ensures minimal Out of Stock (OOS).  Visibility of consumer preferences and buying patterns from various locations via real-time data views of vending machine health, usage, and sales

Vending Sales will enable you to: