We have built Ivy DMS, which is a unified platform for a Distributor Management System (DMS) and Sales Force Automation solution. It helps  automate sales and distribution processes for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). The solution enables you to stay ahead of the market and gain real time visibility of the business data and product movement across all of your sales channels.


  • 综合销售队伍自动化

  • 销售和库存的实时跟踪

  • 理赔

  • 促销和计划的控制

  • 信贷与收款管理

  • 目标和成果报告

  • 促进和激励跟踪

  • 跟踪经销商表现

With the rise in catering to consumers around the globe, specifically in emerging and developing markets, real-time network view & dynamic decisions have become instrumental for fulfilling demand through distributors and secondary sales organizations.
The Distributor Management (DMS) system can automate all of your primary and secondary sales processes and empowers you to adopt leading best practices and improve turnaround time. In addition, offers the capability to customize the system to suit business needs.