Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Excellence Matrix’ for Enterprise Mobility Products & Solutions

IvyRetail™ provides an in-depth functionality for merchandising personnel, helping them to make more efficient trade by promoting excellence in retail execution and maximizing the returns from trade spend.

By having detailed ground-level information across large retailer accounts, stores across wide geography spanning different cultures, buying patterns and spends, companies can focus their attention on strategic business benefits – improving customer service, growing revenue, containing costs and gaining immense competitive advantage.

It enables complete back office functionality including Account level ScanData Analysis, Account Receivable information from ERP backends, management of brands that need to be tracked and surveys that need to be run at stores.

Frost & Sullivan in partnership with NASSCOM had taken an initiative to create a ‘Product Excellence Matrix’ for Enterprise Mobility Products & Solutions. In this ‘Product Excellence Matrix’ (PEM) initiative, Indian software products were benchmarked under two girds: Product Excellence vs Execution, and Stage of Market Entry vs Market Focus.

A total of 43 products were nominated & assessed under this category. Ivy Retail Execution one of the 4 core CPG solutions that Ivy Mobility has to offer, has been chosen as one of the 7 companies to feature in the “Exemplars” quadrant – the topmost quadrant possible in this matrix.

The software products highlighted in the Market Focus grid brings forth the diversity in software products being developed for global markets.

While these products range from plug and play applications to development platforms and security management tools, they also ensure compatibility with a diverse core IT landscape and end-user computing devices/ device platforms, some of them include:

  • Enterprise Mobility enabling platforms – E.g., AnB – Preludesys India Ltd; PreAxiom – ACL Mobile Limited
  • Enterprise Mobility applications – E.g., FieldEZ – FieldEZ technologies; IvyRetail – Ivy Mobility Solutions; – Langoor
  • Mobility Security solution – E.g., SecurDrive – Genesis Futuristic Technologies Ltd; InstaSafe Secure Acces – InstaSafe