Committed to making you outrageously successful

Whether you’re a global consumer goods leader or an independent distributor, our customer success professional services team will ensure the rock-solid and efficient deployment of your solution. We’ll shepherd you from project startup to go-live with a structured, iterative approach that eliminates the strain on your team, prepares your users for adoption, and gives you an on-time and on-budget solution that works.

3 Steps How we do it: Assess, Implement, Support

Here are a few quick tips to help guide you through making a transition

  • Begin with a quick start program in a region or market, go live in 8-12 weeks.
  • Map out a change plan. Invite a select group of field reps to road-test your app in advance.
  • Offer valuable “carrots” that users only find using the apps.
  • Keep a close eye on user experience and usher in change at a steady pace.