The cloud has certainly changed the world in how businesses store and retrieve data. However, it’s also managed to bring about other technologies and integrate easily with them to provide further convenience. One of those is cloud-based SaaS, which allows businesses to use digital software through one database for access at any time.

Being able to access business software on a mobile device 24/7 opens up more possibilities and prevents employees from being chained to their desks. If you’re already suffering from expensive IT costs and want to increase productivity, cloud SaaS platforms are going to change how you manage things.

The major vendors in this market are Salesforce, Workday, and others.  Altogether, the cost-saving features of Salesforce result in an average ROI of 70% — the highest ROI of any CRM solution on the market.

Here’s what it can do to overhaul the way you and your employees work to stay more competitive.

Lowering Your IT Expenses

The most obvious benefit is that accessing all your business software through the cloud eliminates having to buy physical software. Purchasing software the old way costs thousands of dollars and still requires you to update at least once a year. A license alone for software can cost the same, which still requires you to use on premise software and hardware.

Imagine how high IT costs become when you end up buying physical software for every department in your company. Maintaining this software also requires more time on your IT staff, hence leading to overtime pay. Incredibly, a 2015 IDC survey showed that 71% of IT spending is tied up with the maintenance of legacy systems and routine upgrades.

Using a cloud-based SaaS program works entirely through the internet so you and your staff don’t have to maintain the software on-site. You’ll be able to reduce your IT staff, which reflects better on your payroll. Why pay for things that aren’t really necessary?

Allowing Employees to Work From Anywhere

One of the greatest aspects to SaaS platforms is the portability element. Perhaps you’ve been trying to find ways to empower your field force and for your employees to work from home lately to help their busy schedules. You’re maybe trying to do the same.

Thanks to the cloud, you can call up your software on any mobile device, whether offline or online. Now your employees can continue to work on critical projects at any time without losing any data.

As you they work remote,  they can take out the tablet and work on a critical project without missing anything. Since SaaS programs offer easy collaboration tools, you can share information with fellow workers about a critical project.

Staying More Competitive

Business projects are more time-sensitive than ever today in a far more competitive business universe. Being forced to travel back to your office just to share or work on ideas for a project won’t move things forward. By the time you make any serious decisions about things, a competitor may beat you out.

The real-time aspects to cloud-based SaaS help you get ahead of your competitors. You’ll get work done faster and quickly share ideas with your collaborators.

Since you can access information at any time of the day or night, you won’t have to worry about limited time windows.

Automatic Updates For Your Software

A major challenge with physical software upkeep is having to constantly download updates for security purposes. Reminding hundreds of employees to do this on a regular basis is virtually impossible.

Any cloud-based software automatically does security updates for you without having to think about it. Even better is when new updates to software come out, you’ll have them installed through automation so it doesn’t disturb your work flow.

To enhance productivity, this is invaluable, especially after years of realizing most of your downtime was due to continual IT issues.

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