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Revenue Growth Management for Consumer Goods Route to Market

The pandemic has posed new market challenges and has added complications for CPG companies across the globe, requiring them to rethink their revenue

5 Critical Distribution Management System Challenges to Overcome

How do consumer goods travel from the manufacturing plant to the shelf? The route-to-market (RTM) solution is the answer. An effective RTM solution focuses

Top 7 Consumer Goods Technology Trends In 2022

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) tech comes with the advantages of being more agile and resilient and keeping stable profits in an uncertain environment.

Transforming Consumer Goods Sales & Supply Chain with Cloud Distribution Management System

Out-of-stock continues to be a challenge for consumer goods companies across the globe, making distribution one of the most critical aspects of their supply chain.

How Recommenders Help Large Enterprises Scale Profitably

At Ivy, we have been building newer technology for consumer goods companies for the past 20 years. Our R&D teams have created many solutions to help consumer goods companies scale

Reimagining Intelligent Solutions to Boost Consumer Goods Sales by 5%

If you are a tech-savvy digitization enthusiast, you would know about recommenders and how it has the potential to change the way you work with suggestions and insights. However, few people know

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