The Top 10 Benefits of Using Mobile Ordering to Keep Products In Stock

How to keep products in stock

Responding to consumers who demand a product that is out of stock is a top source of frustration for distributors and retailers alike. When consumers have to choose between enduring a delay to buy from one of your retailers or shopping at a competitor who can provide them with immediate gratification, they often choose the latter option. The best way to prevent this type of customer abandonment is to find a comprehensive solution to keep products in stock. Below are the top ten benefits of using a mobile ordering system to help keep products in stock and prevent customer dissatisfaction.

1) Suppliers and retailers can better understand why items are out of stock. A sophisticated mobile ordering system allows suppliers to use route checks to compare product sales across regional stores. Suppliers can then analyze this data to identify potential root causes of “Out of stock” items.

2) Distributors and retailers have real-time access to inventory. Cloud-based ordering solutions eliminate the need to wait hours or days for inventory updates to be made. Inventory changes occur immediately as orders are confirmed, enabling suppliers to quickly respond to changing product needs.

3) Retailers can create a new order from any location. With a mobile ordering system, retailers are no longer restricted to placing their orders at the office. Retail representatives are able to use their iPad or smart phone to create and send orders from their store aisles, from their homes, or even from their cars.

Distribution Management System
Cloud-based Distribution Management System

4) Enhanced retailer and distributor satisfaction. The ability to place orders and make payments from their favorite mobile devices fosters convenience and satisfaction for retailers and distributors who use the system.

5) Orders can be processed 24/7. A mobile ordering system enables retailers to create an order as soon as they realize that their stock is running low. They no longer have to delay order placement until regular business hours resume. The results include improved efficiency and increased sales.

6) Enhanced accuracy. Mobile ordering systems eliminate the errors that occur when data is manually entered. And by eliminating paper orders, data storage becomes more organized and secure.

7) A customized user experience. Sophisticated mobile ordering software is customizable, creating a more efficient user experience. Organizations can access a snapshot of their orders and inventory with the touch of a button, allowing businesses to optimize their time and resources.

8) Electronic order notifications and delivery receipts. Retailers enjoy an enhanced level of comfort and security when they use a mobile ordering system. They receive electronic order confirmations with product images to make sure that the products and quantities ordered are correct.

9) Improved inventory forecasting. Understanding the reasons why stock depletions occur at specific stores enable suppliers to engage in more accurate inventory forecasting. In addition to facilitating inventory forecasting, mobile ordering platforms ultimately reduce order fulfillment time.

10) Robust support by a professional services team. By using a first-rate mobile ordering system, customers receive first-rate support. From the initial demonstration to your go-live date, you and your team will receive ongoing dedicated support from a team of industry experts.

Choosing the Best Mobile Ordering and Payment System

Not all mobile ordering and payment systems are created equal. The Ivy Mobile Retail Assistant offers all of the benefits outlined above plus the design quality that is produced by a company with fifteen years of industry experience and a strong global presence. Supporting over 110,000 reps and serving customers across six continents, Ivy Mobility Inc. has become the world’s most trusted provider of mobile ordering and payment software. Ivy Mobility’s introduction of their Mobile Retail Assistant is an innovative step to help prevent products from going out of stock and increase your sales.

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