Digital Transformation with Distribution Management Systems to Improve Bottomline

Change Management is challenging to implement across any organization with many operational processes, just like any CPG company. It takes a long time to implement, train and transform the workplace. The same is the case with switching from pen and paper-based order management to digital ordering, which is usually overwhelming for the field force. However, over time data shows that digital transformation helps them improve productivity by 40%, saves time by 36%, and improves customer satisfaction by 35%.

Distribution Management Systems when appropriately implemented and adopted will help your business become more efficient, resilient, and dynamic to the changing times. Let us understand this in depth.

Deploying the Omnichannel Experience

Offering customers numerous options to complete sales is called an Omnichannel experience. Companies can sell digital products or services and physical products on eCommerce platforms. Products and their potential owners get connected via an online channel. The perfect mix of virtual trends implemented into physical stores is the way forward for CPG companies looking to sell products without boundaries and friction.

The complete omnichannel experience gives your retailers benefits like placing orders quickly when stocks run out, faster deliveries, access to credit and postpaid inventory management for easier rotation of funds, quick stock reconciliation, and a single source of truth. All this information together paints the complete picture when it comes to sales details and the performance of the CPG Business.

Augmented reality

Integrating Multiple Channels 

In CPG Businesses, each channel is separate across the supply chain. Integrating all the different levels within the same distribution management solution requires excessive effort. Data needs to flow through many levels of the supply chain to manage real-time inventory and stocks across channels in the supply chain.

In a unified platform, the information across each level of the supply chain will come to a single point on the cloud. This data is cleaned, processed, and arranged to meet the requirements of stakeholders trying to understand the business. AI/ML algorithms ensure that processed data derives from the patterns and flows found within data.

The collected data from the cloud can then flow in any direction based on the requirements at each level. Ivy Mobility is the only Unified Commercial Platform for CPG companies having an easy solution to integrate data. The data on our platform converges at a single point, and our solution supports multi-directional data flow.

Cloud-based Distribution Management System

Understanding Data Flow

For an ideal Distribution management software, data must flow from manufacturers to distributors. It helps distributors identify available SKUs, newly launched products, and Must-sell SKUs. Data combined with intelligent systems convert hidden insights into actionable items to boost business.

The data from the distributors need to flow towards manufacturers as order details, stock in hand, fast-moving SKUs, and returns of damaged or expired products. With real-time integration between different solutions, businesses can access real-time inventory for better stock management.

On the other hand, retail stores placing orders from distributors will need access to the inventory details of distributors to place orders. Other distribution models, like the Direct Store Delivery system, allow data transmission from the retailer to the manufacturer and vice versa. These details are essential for running the CPG business seamlessly.

Embracing Data 

The distribution management revolution is here to stay, and the consumer packaged goods industry transformed enough to accept the use of data to aid with business decisions. Nowadays, the moment from when raw materials have been sourced to when the products are off the shelf, everything is tracked and called data. AI ML systems track different types of data. Data captured varies from product quantities, revisions, regulations, customer satisfaction, customer interaction, and industry variables of various products.

As companies unleash the power of data upon the organization, they gain access to hidden insights from processing data and constantly enlighten teams to improve processes and operations within the organization. These small, identified patterns converted into actionable insights help companies scale over time. These are accessible only when a unified commercial platform is implemented across the organization to manage distribution processes.

Building a Global Solution

With changing times, a truly global distribution management solution would only be able to keep up with the unique requirements of a particular location. Opting for a local solution would mean better process adherence while limiting when it comes to scalability and growth over time.

Considering the cons of global and local distribution management solutions, CPG companies are looking for a global solution. These are a perfect mix between global features and local customizations. A global solution would come with the promise of a better tech solution while having the expertise of a local organization that implemented numerous native solutions that work to meet the unique needs of a specific region.

Offering the Best 

Ivy Mobility offers you a global solution that is ready for the world and also goes the extra mile to develop custom solutions based on region-specific details. Ivy gains its in-depth expertise from hands-on implementations across various global markets. The futuristic features we implement can resolve real-world problems faced by CPG companies locally.

At Ivy, our solutions are constantly evolving to become more efficient. We bring new local features to help transition the business for CPG companies across a specific market. Sometimes, we even create new features based on paint points described by our clients. We also integrate with Salesforce, AWS, and Azure to offer clients seamless integrations between their primary and secondary sales platforms.

Book a Demo with us to understand what Region-specific offerings we have for your global business. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs to help you identify a custom solution for your requirements.

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