Van Load / Unload

Seller proposes stock load based on previous day closure. Approved stock gets released at the warehouse and the details are automatically populated as Stock of Day. EOD stock can be unloaded or carried forward to next day.

Van Stock Transfer

This supports transfer of stock from one van to another van even on the field.
Once it goes through the approval cycle, the stock will be featured in the new van to which it was transferred.

Van Stock Audit Management

Based on orders and invoices generated, the van stock along with stock for schemes will keep depleting. In case of “saleable” return goods the same will be added to stock. At any given point in time the van stock can be reconciled and current stock printed out.

Order Management

Upon a particular store selection, the seller can view profile information, buying pattern and available credit limit of the said store. The call flow provided in the application ensures that the seller does not miss out on any crucial information. Stock check is done at the store and based on stock availability and legacy buying information, a Suggested Order Form is displayed. Seller can choose to apply the suggested order directly or make amendments and then apply it. Special filters are designed to ensure that the seller covers the Must sell/Focus and Scheme related items before completion of order.

Cloud Console

The cloud console consists of 3 parts: Portal for maintenance of Masters, Sync for on field device updates, collation of data for report generation. The sync engine is highly optimized to sync the entire days’ data in less than a minute. The report engine is geared to churn out day to day user specific reports and is capable of providing business intelligence through its dynamic and flexible reporting capabilities.

Invoice belt BT printing

Invoices/collection receipts and stock information can be printed directly from the device using a BT enabled belt printer or a serial port printer installed in the van.

Schemes and Promo Management

Before order completion, the seller gets to view stock available under various schemes. Relevant schemes can be applied to the order. Schemes can be built based on Multiple Business Decisions.

Invoicing Management

Once order taking is complete, the invoice can be generated immediately and the system does a stock availability check and for available credit limit in the van. Schemes/discounts/trade promos are applied to the invoice, whereas taxes and discounts are included when the invoice is ready for print. Delivery is immediate.

Collections Management

In case of open invoices, the seller can collect the payment directly from the store. All open invoices along with total outstanding information are made available. Payment (full or partial) can be collected against a particular invoice by cash/cheque or as credit adjustments.

End of Day Closure

All End of Day data collected and entered by the seller in the SFE portal is updated in the ERP/DMS systems for billing. Analytics on visit productivity, targets vs achievements, and order productivity is generated. Capturing reason for ‘no visits’ is mandatory as collection reports are generated based on these updates.

Sales Return Management

Sales Return is activated if there are any stock returns from the store. Such stock can be tagged as re-saleable or non saleable item along with the reason for return.

Catalog Order

This tool replicates an order placed out of a print catalog by show casing the images of the products on the device.  This is particularly useful for new launches or promos involving free gifts to provide a visual argument. This can be further enhanced with ad videos as well.


This module includes the on field activities conducted by the seller such as shelf purity check, Planogram check, display check, and POSM check. A check on any company asset available in the store can be done. This activity can be planned store wise or for category of stores.