A new age Distributor Management System and Mobile Solution designed to automate business process and to track:
  • Distributor Management
  • Sales Process Management
  • Inventory
  • Purchases

  • Collections
  • Sales Returns
  • Pricing
  • Retail Management

It comprises of three major elements :

  • Mobile
  • Cloud Portal
  • IvyDistributor RealTime Analytics

The solution covers all aspects of distribution with a modernized approach and is available across devices & platforms to cater to every geography, market and language

  • ‘Mobile’ enables the Seller (Distributor Salesman/Company Salesman) to drive growth in topline numbers (Quantity and Value at a Retail Outlet) by aiding his day to day work at a Retail Outlet by ensuring adherence to business defined call procedures
  • The Cloud Portal – helps manage the data/promotions/schemes/trade management by providing options to define appropriate mapping to monitor the field activity
  • The IvyDistributor RealTime Analytics enables an enterprise or a distributor to analyze his brands, routes, performance or growth


Devices Integration
iPad Siebel 8.1 CRM
iPhone Salesforce.com
Android Tab SAP CRM
Android Smartphone Sage ERP
WM8 Surface NetSuite

Business Challenges

Distributor Challenges

  • To follow up the coverage and sales made by the sales personnel and reconcile all the orders
  • To ensure correct SKUs and stock is stocked at Retail Outlets in the most efficient manner to maximize sales and coverage
  • To enable their salesman to follow a similar business process enabled by the solution. This ensures maximum auto-upsell opportunities for the seller through a smartly implemented mobile process and functionality
  • Stock reconciliation of van sales

Organization Challenges

  • Analyze the shift in consumer purchase behavior and make smarter business decisions by tracking sales and stocks at each distributor/store level
  • Targeting, acquiring and retaining customers by monitoring performaces and market coverage at an individual level (distributor/seller/sales officer)
  • Attain operational excellence and improve customer satisfaction
  • Meet customer demands with increased agility by tracking scheme performance and brand distribution

Business Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Adherence to the training implementation
  • Reduction in call time
  • Reduction in end of day closing time