The leading cloud based solution for Retail Execution, by Ivy Mobility, helps companies in the consumer goods industry streamline their sales, merchandising, and marketing organizations. Designed to enable brands and distributors to automate business processes and manage sales territories, track sales orders, sales process, visiting planning, surveys, and audits, as well as to provide ways to monitor inventory levels, product distribution, compliance with pricing and trade promotions. Organizations benefit from these capabilities, reduce operating costs, and increase field productivity driving continual improvements.

Major Processes

  • Sales force administration

  • Merchandising

  • Route and visit planning

  • In store surveys and audits

  • Guided selling

  • Sales orders

  • Schemes and promotion management

  • Assortment planning and allocation

Increased in-store visibility
Improved sales force productivity
Concerned about the cost of sales impacting margins?
The app enables the seller to serve the market needs, by providing guidance and focus to the sellers day to day work at retail outlets.
Want to avoid out of stock situations?
Understanding the root cause of “out of stocks” provides great benefits to both the supplier and the retailer. Using route checks to compare sales of products in a particular store with similar stores in the region, you can assess the reasons for differences.

Drive process efficiency deeper with a new mobile strategy. 

Progressive consumer goods organizations are transforming their merchandising activities to serve the market needs by providing guidance and focus to the day to day work at retail outlets, obtain more shelf facings, displays. and ensuring adherence to business defined call procedures.