Direct Store Delivery (DSD), by Ivy Mobility, enables companies in the consumer goods industry to seize untapped potential routes to maximize direct store sales. Perfect for wholesalers and independent route distributors selling goods to supermarkets and servicing neighborhood kiosks or independently owned convenience stores. Supports several go market models including direct and van sellers.
Expand distribution by tailoring a new route to market mapping outlets, segmenting them by routes.  Offers complete functionality provided through a mobile device, built for delivery and sales functions and supports the full end to end order to cash process.

Major Processes

  • Vehicle load / unload

  • Vehicle stock transfer

  • Order management

  • Vehicle stock audit

  • GPS tracking with breadcrumb trail reporting

  • On-site delivery instructions

  • Invoicing and printing

  • Sales return management

  • Delivery container tracking

  • Collection management

Do you want a platform to scale your business to local markets?
Drive mass adoption of products from premium to low end to meet the local needs, price points, and preferences of consumers while offering pay on delivery options
Do you want to digitize your processes and eliminate paper?
The tool replicates an order placed out of a print catalog by showcasing the images of the products on the device. This is particularly useful for new launches or promos involving free gifts to provide a visual argument. This can be further enhanced with ad videos as well.

Direct Store Delivery supports several routes to market and channels: