Direct Store Delivery

Tap the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to increase efficiency and automate your sales and distribution activities. Designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers and independent route distributors selling consumer goods to retailers.

Key Benefits

Improve the speed of getting products on shelves

Reduce the time products spend in the supply chain

Better control of stock and inventory

Optimize routes and tours

Reduce the cost of ordering and stocking

Increase margins and promotion effectiveness

Do you want a platform to scale your business to local markets?
Drive mass adoption of products from premium to low end to meet the local needs, price points, and preferences of consumers while offering pay on delivery options
Do you want to digitize your processes and eliminate paper?
The tool replicates an order placed out of a print catalog by showcasing the images of the products on the device. This is particularly useful for new launches or promos involving free gifts to provide a visual argument. This can be further enhanced with ad videos as well.

Key Features